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New online directory connects users with listings of accounting and tax professionals around the world

Looking for a tax professional who knows the tax law in your area?

People looking for tax help online often have to sort through hundreds or thousands of irrelevant search results to find the professional with right expertise in their geographical area.

The new online listing TaxConnections is hoping to make that a thing of the past, giving consumers a free and easier way to find professionals from tax, public accounting and law firms, as well as at corporations and universities throughout the United States and around the globe.

“We built a tax-centered platform to help consumers find answers to their tax questions,” said TaxConnections founder and CEO, Kat Jennings. “Every year, more than a billion consumers go online to find a tax professional and search for answers to their tax questions, and now TaxConnections Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals allows them to quickly get answers to a wide range of tax questions.”

Although fairly new, accounting professionals included in TaxConnections’ listings include:

Rita Keller, President, Keller Advisors;

Harold Goedde, CPA, a former college professor in New York;

Vincenzo Villamena, CPA, the head of the virtual CPA firm OnlineTaxman, serving clients in all 50 state;

Princess Vlandamir, CEO of HLV Global Consulting Group in Dallas, Texas.

TaxConnections also includes a wide range of renowned tax attorneys and consultants, including:

Consumers can register for free and search the directory to view professionals’ profiles to see specialties, experience, location as well as information on the organization each professional works for. Website visitors can also request to enter a selected professional’s “Tax Boardroom,” a virtual office linked to each professional profile where visitors receive private answers and conduct Skype conferences.

Other features include tax advice at the TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs Platform, which features guest posts by a wide range of global tax professionals who all want to keep readers informed of the new taxes and how they affect them. If you are not aware of the latest tax changes these bloggers will keep you informed.

Tax professionals pay an annual fee for a professional-level membership and, in addition to the directory listing and virtual office, they receive a Tax Library where they can upload articles, white papers, newsletters, tax forms, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and more. The documents can be made accessible from the profile page or be visible only to visitors who have been screened through the Tax Boardroom. Each of these features are intended to drive a tax professional’s profile to the top of the web browsers quickly.

Over the past year, TaxConnections’ Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals has been visited by people from more than 149 countries. “The extraordinary response to our service shows that we’ve met a huge need and are growing in strength each month,” said Jennings. “Consumers never had this type of access to tax professionals before TaxConnections. We are making a world of improvement to consumers burdened with increased taxes from every angle.”