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Billtrust enhances features in Invoice Gateway eBilling system

Account Linking, International Language Support, Rules-Based Payment Routing and OtherNew Capabilities Make Online Bill-Paying Even Easier and More Attractive for B2B Customers

Billtrust has announced the release of the latest version of Invoice Gateway, the company’s Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) system. The online program includes several new enhancements, providing bill recipients more options over how their incoming invoices are organized, viewed and paid.

The company says this will make the online payment process even more attractive and thereby driving greater adoption. Based in Hamilton, N.J., the Billtrust offers online billing, e-mail billing, electronic payment and traditional paper-based invoicing/billing solutions.

Used by some of America’s largest companies, Invoice Gateway is a secure, integrated Web delivery platform for invoicing. The hosted SaaS solution is easy to implement and easy for customers to access and use. Bills can be viewed online in standard PDF format, downloaded into leading accounting packages, and paid electronically. New features in the latest release of Invoice Gateway include:

  • A new account linking feature that enables a customer with multiple accounts from the same biller to easily view and pay invoices arising from all those accounts. Users can pay combined invoices at once, without having to log into each of a biller’s account to pay invoices individually.
  • Rules-based payment routing so that customers who buy from different divisions or subsidiaries of a company can easily route their payments to the appropriate financial institution and bank account.
  • International language support, enabling customers to toggle between multiple languages based on their preferences. By default, Billtrust will display the appropriate language based on the user’s browser to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • An expanded dispute capability. While Invoice Gateway has long offered the ability for customers to dispute invoices at the line item level and submit partial payment, payers can now dispute an invoice in its entirety, selecting their reason from a customized list.
  • Support for SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), allowing customers who have existing logins established with a biller to seamlessly access Billtrust’s Invoice Gateway portal without signing on a second time.

Bauer Hockey is the world’s leading designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of ice hockey equipment. The company, which is based in Exeter, New Hampshire, found one of the new Invoice Gateway features particularly relevant to its business.

“The addition of multi-language support to Invoice Gateway is a very important enhancement for Bauer Hockey and our customers, many of whom are in Canada,” said Cheri Wilson, Director of Global Credit at Bauer Hockey.

“As we continue to move our customer base to online billing, it is important to meet the requirements of our market and provide a secure, easy to use online environment to meet their needs. Having the ability to toggle between English and French is a significant value.”

“Since Invoice Gateway’s inception, Billtrust has focused on ease of use. This has made it the solution of choice for billers of all sizes, including many of the most recognized names in business,” noted Bob Hinkle, VP of Product Strategy at Billtrust.

“Ease-of-use benefits both the customer and the biller, since it encourages adoption and moves a greater number of accounts from paper-based to online billing. With the debut of this release, billers can take another important step in enjoying the speed, accuracy and reduced cost of EIPP.”