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MobileAsset Professional Offers Solution for Businesses with Location Tracking Needs

Wasp Barcode Technologies – MobileAsset Professional Version

This article is from the Dec. 2012 review of fixed asset mamagement systems.

While most of the programs in this review section are primarily focused on managing depreciation strategies for fixed assets, the MobileAsset Professional program from Wasp Barcode is designed to give businesses an efficient way to track the location and responsible parties for assets and inventory items, while also offering depreciation capabilities.

MobileAsset has a well-designed and easy-to-use interface with an icon menu for moving quickly to key system areas, including asset management, administration, reporting, forms, label printing functions and access to the program’s mobile tools. Submenus appear when within these key areas, with specific tasks such as checking in and out assets, disposal functions and other options available with just one or two clicks.

An integral part of the system is its built-in barcode scanning functions, which can speed location tracking and physical audits and inventory verification. Wasp offers several hardware options for barcode scanning, inventory management, point-of-sale and time and attendance.

The program uses a spreadsheet view for asset selection lists, with summary information that includes descriptions, types, location, date acquired and asset tag ID, while another icon menu offers options for creating new assets, duplicating, maintenance information and assigning items to groups. Images or documents can be attached to asset files.

Users can also create automated alerts to be reminded by email and in-program prompts about specific actions, such as overdue asset returns and maintenance needs. The Professional version of the program is designed for up to five users, while the Enterprise version can support any number of staff working concurrently. The system includes task-specific security options, allowing management to restrict access to sensitive data.

MobileAsset groups more than 50 customizable, prebuilt report options into categories for asset listings, types, book value, depreciation reports, audit reports, transactions, maintenance and check-outs. Since the program has generally basic depreciation functions, projections and other depreciation reporting options are likewise limited. Reports can be saved to Word or CSV for additional customization or data export.

The program directly integrates with other programs and scanning hardware from Wasp, and can import data from CSV and text formats. It can also export to these formats and Word, allowing use data to be imported into tax and accounting systems. Optional remote access utilities allow for use on smart phones, including performing asset audits, checking assets in and out, and working with client information.

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