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2012 Review of Aplos Fund Accounting

Aplos Software — Aplos Fund Accounting

From the Nov. 2012 Review of Nonprofit Accounting Systems.

Best Fit: Aplos Fund Accounting’s ease of use, affordability, and convenience make it a good choice for small and start-up nonprofit organizations and churches. Aplos Software is designed for smaller nonprofit organizations and churches and is accessible via a cloud-based interface.


  • Cloud-based application provides easy accessibility
  • Affordable for even the tightest budget
  • Easy system setup and navigation requires little training time
  • Free product support included in the purchase price
  • Good people-management database

Potential Limitations

  • Limited reporting and budgeting capability
  • System is generally designed for smaller nonprofits


As a cloud-based application, there is no installation needed to use Aplos. All apps/modules can be added instantly, as needed, since the system is web-based. The main screen of Aplos contains 5 buttons – System Management, Account Maintenance, Journal Entries, Check Register, and View Reports. Click on a button to access any of the functions.

Data entry screens are simply designed and easily navigated, with look-up screens throughout. A start-up wizard is available that will guide users through system setup, and Aplos also contains a sample database that users can access prior to entering live data.

Along with the 5 standard modules, Aplos also has a variety of apps available for instant purchase and download from the Aplos website and include Print Checks, Contributions Management, People Database, Bank Reconciliation and Budgeting.

Aplos chart of accounts can be created from scratch or users can utilize the default chart of accounts included with the software app. Aplos offers true fund accounting and allows users to set up unique funds for each grant, program, or project.

Funds can also be color-coded for easy identification on financial statement. Aplos easily handles multiple transaction types including interfund transfers and non-cash transactions. Budget information can be entered into Aplos by fund, with budget totals displayed on financial statements. Users can also create a budget using the optional Budgeting app. Budgets are basic, containing only the ability to budget income and expense amounts to arrive at a projected net income.

All fund detail is entered as an equity account, with each fund color-coded for easy review. Users can track grant detail as a separate fund. Aplos will not post any journal entries that are not in balance. The Activity Log tracks all system transaction for easy review. As a cloud-based product, Aplos is available from anywhere with an internet connection.

All Aplos users will need to obtain a secure login for system access. User access levels are dependent on rights assigned to each user. An optional people database allows users to track donors and donation amounts, and the optional Contributions and Management app can track additional donation details while integrating with the People Database app.

The People Database also allows users to track unlimited user-defined fields. Keep track of pledges in the Contributions Management Database and send out monthly or quarterly giving statements based on pledges given. Users can also create a customized year end appeal letter based on information entered in the Contributions Management app. All data is stored on the Aplos server and automatic backups ensure that all data is safely stored.

Aplos Fund Accounting provides users with 4 reporting options to begin; an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Account Details and Transaction Details reports. Users can then build on these reports to create custom reports. Purchasing additional apps such as the People Database or Bank Reconciliation app will provide users with the ability to create additional reports using custom data fields. All reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet file for further customization.

Mentioned above, Aplos reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet file. Aplos is a completely integrated, cloud-based software product with all add-on apps integrating with the core software product. Users can also import data into Aplos from QuickBooks Pro, Quick Online, or Excel. Aplos users can set up their accountant or bookkeeper as a user at no additional cost.

Aplos Fund Accounting contains help functionality throughout the program and all of the add-on apps as well. Toll-free support is also available. Aplos also offers users a free 15-day trial that they can use without entering any credit card information. They will simply remind users when the 15 days is up, so users can purchase the software at that time.

For small nonprofit organizations that want to be up and running immediately, but have a limited budget, Aplos is an excellent option. Aplos pricing is extremely affordable, with the starting cost running $11.99 per month for the standard 5 apps. Additional apps start at $1.99 each, with additional users extra.

2012 Overall Rating: 4.25 Stars

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