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2012 Review of Advanced Micro Solutions – 1099-Etc

Advanced Micro Solutions – 1099-Etc

From the Nov. 2012 Review of W-2/1099 Preparation Programs.

Best Fit: Firms managing after-the-fact payroll, as well as quarterly and year-end information reporting for multiple businesses.


  • Imports from a variety of file formats
  • Supports federal, state and local forms
  • Comprehensive e-filing and mailing options

Potential Limitations

  • No time and billing integration

Advanced Micro Solutions has developed payroll and year-end compliance systems and solutions for accounting practices for more than 25 years. AMS Software’s 1099-Etc software offers compliance tools for paper and electronic filing of federal and state 1099, W-2 and 940 series forms, as well as state payroll forms (income tax and unemployment). Customers can also add live and after-the-fact payroll capabilities.

Basic System Functions: 4.5 Stars

1099-Etc offers support for all federal and state 1099 forms. The Import Assistant makes it easy to import documents and data in a variety of formats. The software doesn’t require any special licenses or keys, allowing it to be installed on a network and multiple computers at an office. 1099-Etc now supports up to 9,999 payers each with up to 99,999 employees. There is no SaaS version available.

The program’s data entry screens are formatted similar to the actual forms, making it easier for users to input data. The initial setup process allows users to set access rights and a PDF encryption key for each client. The encryption key lets users securely email forms and reports directly from the program. Other features include print preview and backup and restore capabilities. Users can also use the software’s batch process to perform TIN and SSN Verification in bulk.

The A-T-F Payroll module allows for direct deposit, MICR check printing and the management of standard and customizable deductions. Some deductions allowed include benefit plans, allowances and unemployment. The program also supports multiple state income reporting.

Reporting: 4.75 Stars

1099-Etc offers compliance for all states and Puerto Rico, supporting all 1099 forms, 1098, 5498, 3921, 3922, W-2, W-2c, W-3, W-3c, 1042-S and annual Puerto Rico wage reporting forms. 1099-Etc’s sorting capabilities allows users to search by recipient’s name, TIN, OAN or another specified field. In addition, payee data can be shared by using the Common Payee File. Users can print forms on pre-printed forms or on plain paper, reports, client letters and mailing labels. 1099-Etc has an Align option that will ensure the printer places values properly on pre-printed forms. AMS also offers several e-filing and mailing options, which include utilizing an AMS partner to complete the entire process.

While 1099-Etc offers several options for reports and templates for client communications, it does not offer integrated billing or the ability to integrate with other time and billing systems. Generated reports can be saved in PDF format for electronic distribution and/or printing.

Import/Export Capabilities: 4.5 Stars

The Import Assistant Menu makes it easy for users to import data from various file formats, such as Excel, Lotus and QuickBooks. This makes it easy to access data from most financial management systems, including time clocks and other programs. In addition, 1099-Etc can also export data to Excel, CSV and PDF formats.

Help/Support: 4.75 Stars

Free technical support is available to customers via phone, fax, email and chat, in addition to the support and tutorial materials available on the website and in the program. An electronic version of the manual and a list of FAQs are available to users. The tutorials walk users through setting up payers and data entry. The Help menu allows professionals to search for specific topics. The program can be set to automatically check for and install updates as well.

Summary & System Pricing

The 1099-Etc program consists of a base program costing $75 per year with these Options: Laser Generation ($75), ATF Payroll ($105), Forms-Etc ($45) and E-File Direct ($105). The total with all Options purchased is $405. Instead of E-file Direct, the program also offers E-Filing Services (included in base program) where the cost can be as low as $0.33 per return.

2012 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars

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