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Advanced Micro Solutions — 1099-Etc




The 1099-Etc system from Advanced Micro Solutions is a suite of modules designed for after-the-fact payroll, laser forms generation and electronic filing, with the core of the program providing W-2 and 1099 year-end compliance capabilities. The network-ready system is designed for managing multiple employers with any number of recipients. With the addition of the payroll module, it also handles quarterly and annual payroll and unemployment reporting, including the ability to electronically file and pay liabilities, offer direct deposit and print MICR checks.

Basic System Functions

The core 1099-Etc program opens into a small window that offers access to the various modules, as well as for setting system defaults, printing preferences, user security and data backup options. Each of the modules operates separately, but users can easily copy basic information between them, such as when adding an employer to the payroll module that already exists in the 1099 system.

The program’s client selection screen provides little more than the limited Windows Explorer file structure but with the ability to search by name or first letter of a company name. Companies and recipients can be set as defaults or users can copy payer information to a new entity. The core W-2/1099 system does not offer employee/recipient selection screens. Instead, when working within a module and within a specific client’s files, the user selects the form (with all forms divided by family), which then opens up the newest/last form of that specific type (1099-MISC, W-2, etc). The software offers the ability to search a specific form type for a recipient’s TIN, name or a user-specified value or simply scroll between forms. An employee selection screen is available in the A-T-F Payroll module. Data entry takes place on exact replicas of the forms, and there are options for importing data from spreadsheets and text files.

The 1099-Etc system allows multiple users to work within the program simultaneously, and can be used to manage up to 1,999 payer entities, with up to 9,999 form recipients each. The system is sold to professionals and businesses, with multi-entity management capabilities available to any user and no accountant-specific or wholesale offering. The after-the-fact payroll module offers tax tables for all states and New York City, along with special exemptions and exclusions. It includes all state and federal wage and hire reports with an SSN verification file.

Additional payroll features include live processing capabilities with the option for Direct Deposit and MICR check printing. Any number of standard and custom deductions can be assigned to employee pay, and each can have up to nine pay rates. It also supports employees with multiple state income reporting. In addition to mass import, the system has a spreadsheet view manual entry format for entering data across multiple recipients simultaneously. Annual program updates are generally available by mid-December. 4.75


1099-Etc offers a large collection of managerial report options, including payroll-focused output such as certified payroll reports, tax summaries, period details, withholding balances, details and check registers. Dozens more can be tailored to include specific information, but they have basic built-in formatting and customization options and can only be saved to PDF format or be directly printed. Managerial reporting can be run in batch across multiple payer entities at the same time. Other output options include client letters, recipient lists and mailing labels, but no option for printing to self-sealing envelopes.

The system’s compliance reporting functions include the entire 1099 family, plus 1098, 5498, W-2 and W-3 with correction forms, 1042-S, and Puerto Rico forms. Payroll compliance reporting includes forms 940, 941, 942-worksheet, 943 and 944, depending upon employer setup and type of entity. These forms are automatically populated and calculated with data from recipient forms. Electronic filing of 1099 and W-2 forms to federal and states is offered as an add-on. The company also provides outsourced e-filing services that can manage any or all of the processes involved in e-filing to federal and state entities, recipient mailing and payer file copies. Reports and forms can be printed to plain paper. No online portals are offered, although the system can produce PDF formats of recipient returns for storage and distribution. A basic billing management system is included. 4.25

Import/Export Capabilities

Prior-year data from the system can be automatically synched into new version updates during setup, and payer and recipient information can also be imported from QuickBooks, Peachtree, Excel spreadsheets, and other payroll and wage reporting applications. The primary modules for payroll and year-end W-2/1099 reporting also share data. As previously noted, no portals or direct integration with document management systems is offered, although the program does provide output to PDF format for digital storage. Data can be exported into Excel, text or PDF. 4.75


1099-Etc supports Windows 2000 through Windows 7, including Vista. An index-based Help utility is built in, along with a PDF version of the program’s user manual. Program updates can be downloaded from the company’s website or the system can be set to automatically check for updates. The support website also offers a knowledgebase and FAQs section, along with contact information. Live technical support and all updates for each reporting year are included in pricing. 4.5

Summary & Pricing

1099-Etc has a strong base engine for managing year-end compliance needs. The company also offers a great optional after-the-fact payroll module that includes compliance capabilities for all federal and state quarterly and annual reporting. Options for direct deposit, e-filing and electronic payment of remittances is also included. The core 1099-Etc Forms Filer system costs $75 for a networkable version that can be used by any number of users. The Laser Generation module is probably an essential, and costs an additional $75. The After-the-Fact Payroll system is $105, and the electronic filing add-on is also $105. In lieu of standard electronic filing, the third-party E-filing Services is $0.29 per 1099/W-2 filed. A separate forms library package is available for $45. An all-inclusive package would cost $405 per year.

2010 Overall Rating 4.5

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