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New River Innovation Releases Web-based IRS Research Application—Beyond415Guidance

From Darren’s CPA Practice Advisor blog: My Perspective.

Just this week, a new cloud-based IRS “research center” application was released to the tax and accounting profession—Beyond415 Guidance. The stand-alone app from New River Innovation offers practical and up-to-date guidance for resolving issues after tax filing. Product features include searchable guidance that covers individual, business, and payroll areas of IRS practice and procedure.

The company’s cofounder, Jim Buttonow, CPA and IRS expert, explained, “Based on feedback from hundreds of firms, we know that practitioners require a practical and easy-to-navigate research tool for IRS practice and procedure. Instead of sifting through outdated books or searching the Internet, practitioners can find post-filing information in one place. Our goal is to provide authoritative content at a great value to make this research easier…”

The product provides users with features such as:

  • A Visual Process Mapfor navigating each issue from beginning to end.
    • Guidance on how Issues Work in Practice, complete with projections for billable hours and complexity, and recommendations for gathering appropriate authorizations, managing engagement types, and compiling IRS account research.
    • A Comprehensive IRS Notice Database for ease of looking up notices, reviewing applicable next steps, and more.
    • Issue-specific Guides for gathering facts to support practitioners in knowing what questions to ask to eliminate back and forth with the IRS and clients.
    • Sample Call Scripts and Document Sets for responding to the IRS.

“Beyond415 Guidance users can plan better when facing an IRS issue and provide staff with procedural instruction,” Buttonow said. We want to help practitioners get to the heart of the issue and start addressing it quickly and effectively for their clients.”

Beyond415 Guidance was officially launched to the profession on October 15, 2012. For more information on the product, visit the company’s website at