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CCH SFS Announces ATX 2012

CCH Small Firm Services holds live demonstrations of ATX 2012 at the Midwest Accounting & Finance Show.


CCH Small Firm Services, a Wolters Kluwer business, introduced many tax and accounting professionals to its ATX 2012 at this year’s Midwest Accounting and Finance Show in Chicago, Illinois. CCH SFS provides tax and accounting software solutions, research products and training to small firms throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

CCH SFS held live demonstrations of ATX 2012 to showcase the software’s new features, which include a new user interface, enhanced client customization and printing options, and customizable communication templates.

“The enhancements we’ve added to ATX 2012 make tax preparation as simple and stress-free as possible, and that’s a testament to a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated people who took the time to listen to what tax professionals said they needed and then turned those comments into the software enhancements in ATX 2012,” said Jeff Gramlich, President of CCH SFS. “Tax professionals told us they needed software which met their unique needs and didn’t force them into cookie-cutter solutions,”

Updates to ATX 2012 include a customizable grid view, zoom feature, built-in calculator and advanced printing. Professionals can quickly view and update client contact information at a glance. ATX 2012 features the ability to open up multiple returns at once, eliminating the need to close out one client’s return to work on another. Tax and accounting professionals can also print filing, client and preparer copies of returns and add watermarks to each return. The new Client Communications Manager allows professionals to create custom client communications using the standard letter in ATX or any word document imported into the software.

“The market is constantly changing and doing so at an increasing rate,” said Kerri Gibson, SFS Product & Segment Manager. “During development, we adopted a strategy of ‘future proofing.’ ATX 2012 is more adaptable to the changes continually coming at us, making future software enhancements easier to implement and guaranteeing that we will always be able to meet the evolving needs of tax and accounting professionals. As mobile technologies become even more widely used and cloud adoption becomes more widespread, ATX is positioned to incorporate those changes in ways which work best for the industry.”