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AccountantsWorld — CyberCabinet

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The AccountantsWorld (AW) CyberCabinet application is an integral component in the AW strategy to provide a complete accounting practice portal of online applications.

Core Functionality

The AccountantsWorld lineup of applications includes payroll (Payroll Relief), client accounting (Accounting Relief), practice management (Power Practice) and more. CyberCabinet is the document storage application that is directly integrated with the other AW applications, which streamlines the document storage process.

The interface is quite easy to navigate. Documents are organized in a client-centric model, with each client having a set of folders, based on a firm level template, to organize documents. A firm’s option screen lets you customize the folder configuration template and apply it to all clients at once. A “client” folder lets you share documents across all clients, i.e. work paper templates, newsletters, etc. There is no print driver provided with CyberCabinet. 4


The primary role of CyberCabinet is to serve as an electronic document repository for the other AW applications. You can configure the folders that you want reports from the other AW applications to be posted to. As soon as periods are closed in Accounting Relief, the AccountantsWorld web-based accounting solution, all reports and financials are automatically stored in CyberCabinet. Similarly, all payroll forms and reports generated in Payroll Relief, the vendor’s web-based payroll solution, are saved automatically in the CyberCabinet for 24×7 client access.

In addition, you can upload any type of file for storage in the system. As an online solution, CyberCabinet provides a source of online backup for your firm. Clients can also upload files directly through the portal, and designated staff will be sent an e-mail alert. Conversely, you can have an e-mail sent to the client when a file is uploaded. Additional e-mail integration lets you right click a file to be sent.

SmartLink is a built-in utility that lets you pick your scanner, and then select the folder you want the scanned document sent to. The system is designed so that both the accountant and the client can scan documents directly into the system. Inbound e-mails with attachments require you to save the attachment files to Windows Explorer first and then upload them to CyberCabinet. 4

Advanced Functionality

Files can be searched by client, file name, upload date range or file size. An audit trail report tracks all activity with the file, including the action performed, user name, client name and date/time stamp. You can download the entire folder set to your laptop for offline access. You can also archive the entire document database to a secondary storage device with just a few clicks of the mouse. 4.25

Summary & Pricing

The primary value of CyberCabinet is its ability to reduce overhead and raise productivity through integration and the simplicity of an online solution. Pricing for CyberCabinet is $495 annually, which provides unlimited staff and client access. The base price includes 1GB of storage; additional storage is priced at $20 per GB. At this price point, Cyber Cabinet is a good fit for small to mid-size firms.


2010 Overall Rating 4

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