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AccountantsWorld 2010 Who’s Who


What makes us different?

It’s our passion for the profession

We’re much smaller than corporate giants like CCH, Thomson Reuters or Intuit, but we believe we have a stronger passion for the profession. That’s why AccountantsWorld has survived and thrived for the past 25 years in making a difference in the professional lives of tens of thousands of accountants. Today, we are the industry leader in offering cloud computing solutions to accountants. No other company, including the corporate giants, can match the pioneering work AccountantsWorld has done to harness the power of cloud computing for small to mid-size accounting firms.


AccountantsWorld has long been a path-breaker in the world of online only (cloud computing) software designed specifically for accountants.” ~ Accounting Today, Sept. 2009

We give you great solutions – and so much more.

In 1999, AccountantsWorld created the portal to give accountants free access to a wealth of information, tools and resources they need for their professional work. Soon, became one of the most widely visited portals for accountants. Now, over 120,000 accountants every month find relevant news, debate hot issues, and get answers to their toughest questions from the portal and our Daily Headline newsletter.

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We never compete with you.

Unlike most accounting software companies, AccountantsWorld never competes with you by marketing our solutions directly to your clients. We’re in the business of keeping accountants in business!

About our solutions

“Cloud computing” and SaaS are hot buzzwords in accounting these days, and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. The truth is, many software companies are just hosting their same old Windows applications and labeling them as SaaS solutions. That’s not the reason we created cloud computing solutions.

Back in 1999 — before any of our competitors, or well before the term cloud computing was coined — we saw the enormous potential of the Internet for reshaping accounting practices. And over the past decade, we’ve tapped that potential to create a complete suite of integrated Accountant-Centric solutions, called The Power Practice System™.

The Power Practice System™

The cloud computing-based Power Practice System is helping accountants like you:

  • Make your practice more efficient with streamlined processes.
  • Perform client accounting faster and easier.
  • Improve client relationships.
  • Boost your profit margins.
  • Work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduce overhead.

The Power Practice System also delivers two unprecedented capabilities to your practice.

  • Allows you to collaborate with your clients in an entirely new way. This enhances two of your core services — accounting and payroll — and makes them more profitable.
  • Helps you streamline your processes and create a smoother workflow. This improves productivity across your entire practice.

Now you can easily overcome many challenges you face in your practice and open doors to new opportunities.

Highly affordable

The entire Power Practice System is available for just $195 per month. There are no setup fees, and no expensive equipment to buy.

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Our full commitment – guaranteed.

AccountantsWorld is committed to ensuring success for our customers.  We put our full support behind you. And it’s a promise.

If you are not fully satisfied with the Power Practice System, we’ll give you your money back for up to one full year!


140 Fell Court

Hauppauge, NY 11788


Number of Employees: 50

Year Founded: 1984