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2012 Review of Wasp Barcode – QuickStore POS Standard Edition

Wasp Barcode Technologies — QuickStore POS Standard Edition


Best Fit: QuickStore is a scalable product that will work well with retailers of any size. Currently, QuickStore is not recommended for grocery stores or restaurant businesses.


  • Product is extremely scalable and suitable, with 3 versions available
  • Slight learning curve means quicker system setup and use
  • Offers a variety of pre-bundled software/hardware combinations suitable for most retailers
  • Excellent selection of training demos available
  • Solid selection of POS related products available

Potential Limitations

  • Limited management reporting
  • Limited accounting integration available
  • Does not offer e-commerce integration

QuickStore from Wasp Barcode Technologies is a POS system that is available in three versions; Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Wasp Barcode Technologies also offers a variety of POS related products, and their POS products are available bundled with all necessary software, making system setup simple.


QuickStore’s main user interface contains a drop down menu at the top of the screen that offers quick access to all system functions. A series of icons directly beneath offer access to frequently used functions such as New Sale, Item, Customer, PO, and Orders. Clicking on the new sale icon will bring users to the main sales/invoice entry screen.

Users can choose the sale type which includes Sale, Special Order, Layaway, Gift Certificate, and Quote. Users can enter items using a standard keyboard interface, or users can choose to scan products or enter barcode or product information into the system for quicker processing. Sales can be cash only, or users can enter or search for a customer for better tracking.

Utilizing function buttons to the right of the entry screen allows users to search for a customer or enter a new one on the fly. Once the items have been entered, simply press the payment key to process the balance of the transaction. Users can choose to accept multiple tenders for each sales transaction, and special transactions can all be entered from the same user interface screen.

QuickStore is a scalable product, making it suitable for retailers of all sizes. There are three versions available, Standard, which includes solid POS functionality, along with basic inventory and AR functionality. Professional includes all of the features found in the Standard version along with more advanced inventory options, the ability to process special orders, create purchase orders, and track AP activity, along with individual user security and the ability to process quotes.

The Enterprise version also offers multi-location functionality, making it useful for retailers with multiple store locations. QuickStores interface screens are easily navigated, with solid lookup options available throughout. All system users are entered into the system and given a unique password. Security can be set in 6 areas, customers, inventory, maintenance/miscellaneous, reporting, sales, and setup , with security levels defined for each employee. Levels range from 1 to 5 with 1 given the least amount of system access. T

he Enterprise edition of QuickStore contains multi-store capability, utilizing polling technology. Users can easily process all types of transactions directly from the main POS screen including special orders, drop-ship items, gift certificates, layaways and customer quotes. Multiple pricing levels are in the professional level and above, with up to 5 levels of pricing available as well as the Adjust Prices options where users can adjust pricing levels by percent or by fixed amount. The availability of mobile devices makes it easy to process a sale from just about any location.


QuickStore POS will easily integrate with touch screen monitors, and the pre-packaged bundles allow users to purchase all hardware including touch screen monitors directly from WASP. If users prefer, they can use a regular computer monitor, with either method chosen during system setup. QuickStore allows users to enter and accept as many payments options as needed, and cashiers can easily accept multiple tender types during any sales transaction.

QuickStore also contains an excellent customer management system which tracks detailed information on each customer including general data, specific notes about each customer, billing information, and purchasing history, including any special orders or quotes. Mentioned earlier, QuickStore easily handles a variety of special transactions directly from the main POS screen including customer quotes, special orders, layaway, and gift certificates.


While QuickStore does not offer an overwhelming array of POS reports, the ones that are offered are useful and comprehensive. Daily Check Out report offers a quick look at detail such as actual cash and credit count, the actual cash drawer at the start and end of the day, and any miscellaneous receipts. The cash drawer shift summary offers a look at the transactions from each shift.

All QuickStore reports are processed in real time, and totals adjusted as items are entered into the system. All reports are processed in real time as transactions are entered into the system. Users can track inventory movement by looking at the inventory summary report, or the Top 40 items by type. The product comparison report allows users to compare performance of similar products, and the detailed item sales report provides a good view of sales activity in general.

Customer activity levels can be reviewed by looking at the sales by customer report. Users can also choose to offer birthday specials, utilizing the birthday list report. Detailed time clock reports as well employee shift reports offers managers a quick look at all cashier activity, including a record of all transactions processed throughout their shift.


QuickStore POS is just a small part of the variety of items offered by WASP Barcode Technologies that are designed for retail businesses. Other items available include comprehensive barcode software, Asset Tracking, Time & Attendance, and other specially designed hardware and software products that work together. If using QuickBOoks, a GL interface to QuickBooks is also available.

A variety of hardware options are available separately, including barcode printers, barcode scanners, barcode labels and related supplies, and an online barcode maker. Also available is an optional shipping interface with UPS that can be set up at any time. Various time & attendance system are available as well.


QuickStore offers new users a variety of introductory videos including an introduction to QuickStore, which contains a comprehensive look at the entire QuickStore system including standard navigation, system setup, and detail on general operations including processing a sale function, as well as basic reporting steps. All other Wasp Barcode Technologies products have video tutorials available as well.

Registered users also have access to the WASP Barcode Technologies Knowledgebase, where users can search for answers for common system issues and their subsequent solution. Demos are available for all products, and classroom training is available to new users as well. Detail on how to access system support is available on the website, with technical support available during regular business hours via email or telephone.


QuickStore POS from Wasp Barcode Technologies is available to customers in a conveniently bundled package. Each package includes POS software, a cash drawer, barcode scanner, thermal receipt printer, power supply, magnetic card reader, and 1-year maintenance agreement. The Standard level of QuickStore is available for $999, Professional is available for $1,995, and the Enterprise version will run $2,995. WASP Barcode Technologies also offers a long list of other retail/POS packages, all at varying prices.

2012 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

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