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2012 Review of Celerant Command Retail – Version 6.4

Celerant Technology Corp. — Celerant Command Retail – Version 6.4


Best Fit: Small, large, or somewhere in between, retailers will surely appreciate Command Center’s long list of product features, all designed to make running a retail establishment a lot easier. That long list of features makes Command Retail particularly well-suited for larger retailers, or those with multiple locations that desire efficiency as well as ease of use.


  • Front & back office management
  • Integrated e-commerce capability
  • Comprehensive customer tracking and data mining capability
  • Excellent for all types of retailers including high-transactions processing retail businesses
  • Solid management reporting and analysis

Potential Limitations

  • Learning curve could be steep for new users
  • Pricing and long list of features probably not suitable for smaller retail businesses

Celerant Command Retail from Celerant Technology Corporation is fully integrated Point of Sale/Retail Management software. Command Retail provides retailers with a complete POS solution and is suitable for retailers of all sizes and types. Modules includes with Command Retail include inventory management, e-commerce functionality, and warehouse management.


Command Retail’s main user interface contains a list of all menu options which are listed to the left of the interface screen. Clicking on one of the tabs will display all of the functions found within that tab. Options at the top of the screen allow users to exit the system as well as choose the interface view that they wish to utilize.

The POS option includes a variety of menu options including the new POS interface screen that allows cashiers to enter customer information, scan an item, or utilize touch screen technology for quicker entry. To the right of the screen are a variety of tabs that offer quick access to frequently used functions such as transaction type, transaction function, activities, returns, line items, and change price functions. Cashiers can also look up inventory items or edit the original transactions.

All screen displays, buttons, and tabs are user-defined for each particular business type. A running total of all items scanned or entered is at the bottom of the screen, and completing the sale will take users to a payment screen, where a multitude of tender types are accepted. Data entry screens are easily navigated throughout the POS function as well as the rest of Command Retail.

Command Retail can be utilized on a wide variety of operating systems which include Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac. Along with the powerful POS module, Command Retail also offers Sales Back Office, Warehouse, Inventory, GL, AR, AP, Data mining, CRM, and Purchase Orders, along with many others. Each employee utilizing Command Retail is given a password to login into the system. All system users are assigned a specific level of access. Each user is assigned specific rights within the system, so they will only be able to access specified screens. All suspicious activity can be easily tracked including refund and void theft and fraudulent credit card activity. In addition, system security can track suspicious activity such as employee discount overuse, or any other suspicious activity. All employee time is easily tracked, as is all drawer activity, such as opens, for each employee.

Analysis dashboards provide user-defined analysis of data that is deemed important, and all buttons, tabs, and other headings throughout Command Retail are fully customizable. Lookup fields are found throughout the product, and the enhanced search functionality allows users to simply enter a brief description of a product or item and the system will locate it. Command Retail is designed around the needs of multi-location retailers, so access is available from an online database anytime, day or night, eliminating the need for data transfers or data importing.

While providing quick POS technology for high-volume sales, Command Retail can also handle returns, process layaways, by just pressing or clicking a button. Main menu buttons contains layers of activities beneath, so clicking on Transaction type will display a variety of transactions that are available. Command Retail’s inventory module allows users to assign multiple pricing levels to items, as well as establish various pricing strategies that can be used during special events or annual sales. The Pricing function also provides additional pricing strategies.

Complete warehouse management is available, and users can track purchase order activity, track special orders, and authorize returns. An excellent e-commerce module integrates with the entire system, including the POS module. The Sales Back Office module easily integrates both online and brick and mortar sales along with mail order and catalog sales


Command Retail can be easily customized to suit a variety of retail business types including Gift & Specialty Shops, Apparel, Sporting Goods, and Convenience Stores. Touch screen technology is available as needed, and users can easily customize the interface screen to suit a variety of retail business including Apparel, Furniture, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Convenience Stores, and Gift/Specialty shops. Command Retail’s e-commerce module easily integrates with the core POS product, eliminating duplicate entry and data downloads. All tender types are user-defined, with users able to set up the tenders they wish to use during system setup. Cashiers can easily utilize more than one tender type during a sales transaction.

The Customer Detail option manages and tracks in-depth customer information including purchasing history, family buying habits, personal information, and even photos. There are also user-defined fields available allowing users to capture and track specific details about each customer. In order to keep records accurate, cashiers can be prompted to ask for certain detail, such as an email address, telephone number, or zip code. Command Retail easily handles all special types of services including customer layaway, special orders, and contains a CRM module that manages all customer loyalty cards that provide special pricing to members. A strong Data mining module captures useful data in order to create custom reporting options and even offers easy integration with social media tools such as Facebook.


Command Retail contains an excellent selection of reports for all system modules, including a solid selection of POS reports. While the reporting screen can appear to be a little challenging, reports offer users an impressive level of detailed information. POS reports include Merchandise Sold, Top Styles Sold, Special Orders, Daily Sales Comparison, and an Hourly Sales Report. All reports offer customization capability and right-clicking offers even more reporting options. All reports are processed in real time, as transactions are entered. An excellent selection of inventory reports are available including detailed reports on fast and slow sellers, a complete inventory history, and numerous user-defined fields for custom inventory tracking. Customer demographics can be tracked in as little or as much detail as desired, and the Analysis module provides management with an excellent selection of tools such as individual store analysis, store by store comparisons and dashboard capability. Command Retail also contains excellent audit trail functionality, with detail tracked on all POS and other transactions entered into the system.


Command Retail is a completely integrated system that now offers complete GL functionality for a complete front/back office solution. A hosted version is now available that provides flexibility to users and is an excellent tool for retailers with multiple locations. Command Retail also offers easy integration with a wide selection of third-party software products, and the Shipping module offers integration with popular shipping vendors such as UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS. Reports and other data can be easily exported to Excel with the click of a button, or saved as a PDF file. Command Retail also easily integrates with all the necessary POS hardware including bar code scanners, receipt printers, pole displays, and touch screen monitors. A built-in time clock offers employees easy clock-in and clock-out options and monitors login in /log out times.


Command Retail contains ‘help’ functionality throughout the product and the website offers registered users have access to training videos and product demos. Customer support is also available as needed, and users can easily access the website with their assigned password to download product updates when available.


Command Retail’s complete system generally starts at about $12,000; a significant investment, buy worth the price for large retailers with multiple locations


2012 Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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