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Case Study: Thomson Reuters GoFileRoom

Firm Profile:
Wilson Morgan LLP – Irvine, CA

Contact – Mark Solone, Tax Manager

Wilson Morgan is a traditional CPA firm offering a mix of assurance and tax services. The firm has 11 partners and a total staff of 45 working in a single office location. They are in their sixth year of using GoFileRoom. Other applications the firm uses include: Lacerte and GoSystems for tax preparation, QuickBooks and CCH ProFx Engagement for assurance engagements. This mix of vendor solutions makes GoFileRoom a good option for DMS due to its ability to be integrated with various vendor solutions.

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Scanning Model

The firm has used a mix of scanning approaches, but for the most part they have used back end scanning, with some mid process scanning. At one point they tried to implement a front end scanning model but decided to abandon that early on. In the future they intend to transition back to a front end scanning model. Everyone is responsible for doing their own scanning at this point. Ultimately they want to move towards a centralized scanning operation with a full time scanner. They currently share a Fujitsu scanner. Review notes are tracked in FirmFlow and document annotations are made in Adobe Acrobat.

Benefits Achieved

  • Better control of engagements by using the FirmFlow workflow application
  • Able to retrieve documents on demand
  • Not having to manage internal severs is a benefit. “The cloud is where it is at!”

Favorite Features

  • Using the FirmFlow application to manage client engagements.

Lessons Learned

  • “Pulled the plug on front end scanning, probably prematurely and we regret that decision”
  • “For all of us old timers, we have made the switch to online. Not the same as paper.” Overall benefits outweigh not having the paper.
  • It is important to have good people to help you establish best practices. One size does not fit all.
  • Commitment is important.
  • Anytime, anywhere access makes for much better client service.

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