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2012 Review of CCH ProSystem fx Document

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business – ProSystem fx Document


  • Integration with suite of ProSystem fx applications
  • True web based SaaS model for scalability and simplified deployment and upgrade maintenance
  • Maturity of ProSystem fx Scan with PDFlyer application to streamline 1040 document organization and document annotation
  • Common client database eliminates redundant client setup across all applications (SaaS model only)
  • Single sign-on to all ProSystem fx SaaS applications

Potential Limitations:

  • If you do not use other ProSystem fx applications the value is minimized due to lack of integration
  • You will need to think through your strategy in regards to the on-premise vs. SaaS model

Best Firm Fit:

The integration with the entire suite of ProSystem fx applications makes Document a compelling option for any firms that are using one or more of these applications. The more you are using, the better the fit. The SaaS model offers a good option for firms that want to minimize the technology issues they have to deal with and it is pretty clear that this the direction that CCH is focusing their future product strategy on.



ProSystem fx Document is a comprehensive DMS solution that offers direct integration with all of the accounting and tax software applications in the ProSystem fx Suite. The ability to leverage this integration significantly enhances your ability to automate your workflows. Another key differentiator with ProSystem fx Document is the fact that it is available in two models; a traditional on-premise solution or a 100% web based SaaS aka cloud solution.

Some of the more notable features of ProSystem fx Document include:

  • Configurable Dashboard that includes direct integration with Outlook, direct access to documents and task assignments.
  • Direct access to a list of recently accessed documents and files pending approval for publishing to the portal.
  • The Assignment tab provides a list of client projects currently assigned to you and a list of notifications of activity with documents/files that are associated with you.
  • User configurable document hit list screen allows you to drag and drop columns of information that you choose to display for each file.
  • Drag and drop uploading of files from Windows Explorer.
  • Print to PDF print driver displays pop-up window for assigning your metadata tags for indexing the file at the time of printing.
  • Direct integration with the suite of ProSystem fx applications:
    • ProSystem fx Tax
    • ProSystem fx Practice
    • ProSystem fx Workstream (SaaS edition only)
    • ProSystem fx Portal
    • ProSystem fx Engagement (On-premise only)
    • ProSystem fx Scan (On-premise only)
    • ProSystem fx Scan application provides automated document organization of your 1040 supporting documents in PDF format, including automatic bookmarking. This also includes the PDFlyer utility for annotating your PDF files.
    • Direct integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook
    • Reusable saved searches streamline recurring document searches.
    • Configurable user activity audit trail with reporting tool.
    • Tag documents as “confidential” to prevent them from being published to the portal
    • Document versioning to track the iterations of a file throughout its life cycle
    • Two way document portal for publishing files for client access and to facilitate uploading of documents and files from clients.
    • Email notifications will be sent to clients and staff when files are published and/or uploaded to the portal.
    • Security features include password protection, encryption (SaaS model) and virus protection (SaaS model.)
    • Integrated portal includes ability to have two-way document discussion threads.
    • New features in the on-premise version include:
      • Improved organization and access of files by entity
      • Unlimited document templates with default metadata settings
      • File discussion tool to collaborate with clients and others and store with the file
      • Send files as encrypted e-mail attachments
      • Automation of purging expired files and managing the recycle bin
      • New features in the SaaS version include:
        • Improved entity level search of files
        • Ability to create “private” file groups for selective access
        • File status shape indicators supplement color coding
        • Portal client accounts can now be managed internally by the firm, as well as by the client
        • Option to be prompted for saving outgoing emails directly to Document
        • Improved handling of zip files
        • Tax mapping feature automatically applies metadata to different return types
        • Batch printing of client organizers directly to their portal accounts


Summary and Pricing

CCH has been progressing very nicely in the development of their full suite of true web based SaaS applications. There is no denying that this is the direction the overall market is moving in. The option to deploy Document as either an on-premise or as a SaaS solution gives you the best of both worlds.

Pricing for ProSystem fx Document SaaS starts at $730 per user, per year and drops by as much as 35% based on volume of user licenses. ProSystem fx Document on-premise solution starts at $2,575 for the server license and $675 per user.

2012 Overall Rating: