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Mapping Out a Course to Success for Small Businesses


Helping entrepreneurs transform great ideas into lucrative businesses

Dallon Christensen, CPA.CITP and owner of Whiteboard Business Partners (WBP;, grew up learning from his father, the CFO of a small business, the importance of always working to improve business operations.

“That education stayed with me,” Christensen explained. “My dad was always showing me new things and creative ways to do business better. That’s why I have a passion for helping owners transform their businesses.” Whiteboard Business Partners is a strategic coaching and training organization, designed to help transform a vision into a profitable, long-term business. At the core, WBP helps owners focus on their core competencies and build a sound framework for operations.

“It all starts with the framework,” Christensen stated. “Clients first need a clear picture of how a successful organization operates, and then they can move forward.”

Having developed his “Whiteboard Business Blueprint,” Christensen provides entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and other small business entities with a tested and proven structure for growth. His Blueprint approach helps owners hone in on their areas of strength, define their ideal customers, and develop lucrative opportunities.

“Our Blueprint is the foundation of our coaching service,” Christensen explained. “You have to start with a well-charted map to ensure you stay on course…always moving toward success.”


[INSERT BLUEPRINT IMAGE. Caption: The Whiteboard Business Blueprint—developed to offer a framework for business operations.]


Cashing in On Coaching

Dallon Christensen is building a unique and foreseeably profitable firm. The combination of his accounting background, technology expertise, and strategic business insight enable him to provide his clients with a comprehensive and flexible business coaching package.

Clients have a number of options available to them—from short-term start-up coaching to a long-term business partner relationship. “For some clients, I get them started by helping build their core business framework, select the right accounting software, and assisting them with bookkeeping and accounting work. For others, I serve as a trusted member of their management team, providing longer-term guidance in such areas as pricing strategy, business planning, and complex IT matters. Each client is unique,” Christensen explained.

Christensen’s diverse background puts him in a unique position to help clients at multiple levels. As a CPA, Christensen can offer clients in-depth financial analysis and guidance. “I know the ins and outs of running an efficient accounting operation. This is typically where most business owners fall down, so I make sure they understand their financial data to support sound, profitable business decisions.”

Whiteboard Business Partners also coaches small business owners on mastering bookkeeping. “I work with some clients on the bookkeeping process, so after a few months they can take this task over with relative ease and confidence.”

With a CITP credential to his credit and a dedication to exploring best-of-breed Cloud technologies, Christensen also provides much needed coaching in the area of IT. “The web-based solutions that I recommend to my clients are those that I also use in my own firm—like Xero for online accounting and Dropbox for online document storage. I coach clients on implementing systems that are super easy to use and support a streamlined, in-the-Cloud workflow process.”

Strategic business planning know-how rounds out Christensen’s credentials. “I’ve worked in the large corporate environment for years and have had my hands in high level strategic planning. I’ve been able to take the corporate business model and tweak it for small businesses.” The basis for Whiteboard Business Partners’ Blueprint came from Christensen’s background in the corporate arena. “Our Blueprint serves as the core structure for clients and has proven very successful.”

All-in-all, Whiteboard offers clients a smorgasbord of training and coaching options. With expertise in all the major areas of business operations—accounting, IT, and strategy—clients are in good hands…and WBP seems to be on the road to success.

Education is Key

A key ingredient of any successful business venture is education. Life-long learning is a commitment business owners make if they are to stay ahead of technology, trends, and set themselves apart from the competition.

Christensen is a believer in consistently enhancing the way you do business. “My father was always working to improve his company’s operations, and that’s the message I pass on to my clients. To stay ahead of change, you have to do your homework…you have to continually educate yourself.”

As Whiteboard’s leader, Christensen is dedicated to being an educational source. He facilitates sessions on a number of timely business-related topics. “I’m scheduled in February to present a session on the “Mobile Office” to members of IMA [Institute of Management Accountants]. I’m also scheduled for a closed-circuit session that will air to IMA members across Iowa.”

Christensen plans to expand his speaking circuit as Whiteboard continues to grow. “I look forward to building a nationwide speaking circuit and providing sound educational material to business owners.”

Wrap it Up in a Bow

Whiteboard Business Partners appears to cover all the bases in relation to business coaching and training. And for the small business owner, it’s a dream come true to have all this expertise under one roof.

Christensen not only offers detailed accounting and bookkeeping support, but also insight on IT issues, hands-on experience using the latest and greatest accounting-focused Cloud solutions, and a background in strategic business planning. Having developed his own proprietary business framework, The Whiteboard Business Blueprint, the value of WBP’s services is further elevated. Throw in Christensen’s dedication to educating his clients and all that is missing is the bow.

Just out of the gate in 2011, Christensen admits to having obstacles to overcome as he grows the Whiteboard brand. Nonetheless, at present, it appears that Whiteboard Business Partners has a unique offering and is off to a great start.


About the Author
Kristy Short, Ed.D, is partner and Chief Marketing Officer in RootWorks LLC ( and president of SAS Communications 360 (—firms dedicated to providing practice management education, branding, marketing, and public relations services to the accounting profession. She is also a professor of English and marketing. Reach her at




Stats at a Glance

  • Year founded: 2011
  • Total employees: 1…with plans to grow!
  • Home base: Bettendorf, IA
  • Firm description: Business coaching and training firm for small business owners
  • Technology of Choice: Xero, Dropbox, Kashoo


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