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Wasp Barcode Technologies – MobileAsset




2011 Overall Rating 4

Best Fit

Businesses needing to track mobile assets, such as tools, equipment and vehicles, including scheduling and check-in/out features.


  • Excellent location tracking capabilities
  • Built-in barcode scanning support
  • Intuitive interface

Potential Limitations

  • Limited to a single book per asset
  • No compliance reporting for FASB 109, Sec. 179, IRS
  • Limited asset type, class, depreciation methods

Summary & Pricing

MobileAsset is focused primarily on asset usage, providing exceptional tracking, check-in/check-out, maintenance record keeping, scheduling and barcode asset audit functions. It is less comprehensive on depreciation management and forecasting for more complex strategies, and is therefore best suited to managing the assets of entities whose asset management needs are more focused on physical location tracking but with simple depreciation needs. The program starts at $599 for the single-business Standard version, and at $2,495 for the Enterprise version.

Product Delivery Methods

_X_ On-Premises

___ SaaS

___ Hosted by Vendor


Basic System Functions 4.25

Core Asset Management Features 3.75

Reporting 4

Import/Export & Integration 4

Help/Support 4.5

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