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Spokane Computer, Inc. — MAG-FILER




2011 Overall Rating 4.25

Best Fit

Practices seeking a simple system for managing multiple clients, with support for all federal and state year-end compliance requirements.


  • Intuitive interface, client management screens.
  • Import from Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree & text files.
  • Multiple file output options.
  • Print/mail service bureau option.

Potential Limitations

  • No support for 940 series reporting.
  • Lacks a client billing system.

Summary & Pricing

MAG-FILER is a very easy-to-learn system for preparing year-end returns, and provides good built-in e-filing capabilities to the IRS, SSA and most states. The company’s printing and mailing service can provide relief for preparers who wish to minimize time spent on these tasks. MAG-FILER costs $364 if ordered on disc, but is discounted to $324 if downloaded online.


Product Delivery Methods

_X_ On-Premises

___ SaaS

_X_ Hosted by Vendor


Basic System Functions 4

Reporting 4.25

Import/Export Capabilities 4

Help/Support 4.5


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