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RenovoFYI is a 100% web based financial report writer.  It was designed for businesses today who require more than just financial statements but financial intelligence. The fast moving and changing business environment requires companies to have the ability to quickly and easily design, manage and analyze their financial data from any location, at any time.

RenovoFYI provides three simple steps to financial intelligence – design, manage and analyze.

Designing financial statements could never be easier since RenovoFYI is directly integrated with FlexiLedger it instantly understands your chart of account structure, books, calendars, currencies and more.  Simply create your rows, columns, organizational structures and uses these to define your various reports.  Reuse is wonderful!

Once you have designed your reports they are ready for deployment.  You manage who sees what reports, when the reports will be generated – instantly or scheduled – one report or package a group of reports to run at onetime – you are in control and you decide.  The reporting library provides you the ability to easily store and manage your financial reports for viewing and auditing at anytime – now or in the future. Audit Reports validate your financial data to assure no data is missing or a problem.

The final step to financial intelligence is the ability to analyze your financial statements.  With a click of a mouse button, you can drill down from a summary level to a detail level and then drilldown to the transactional level in FlexiLedger.  Reports can be sent to Excel which will provide additional what-if analysis capabilities.  You are in control! You decide!