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Product & Service Guide

GruntWorx Organize

Take the inconsistency out of tax preparation. Standardize workflow with consistently-organized tax workpapers


Automatically organize, bookmark, and label scanned tax documents

Save hours finding and reviewing tax data and free up your professional staff to move more volume this tax season. GruntWorx Organize makes it easy for support staff to scan and automatically index client source documents—allowing you to focus on high value activities and high quality customer service. GruntWorx Organize is an easy-to-use, accurate, and affordable solution that meets the needs of tax professionals in any size firm.

Just scan a client’s “shoebox” of tax documents. GruntWorx Organize automatically identifies, organizes and labels the scanned tax documents in a PDF file, with the document issuer’s name on each bookmark. The labeled bookmarks allow you to quickly find and review any tax document in even the most complex returns