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Builder Information System

Want to work smarter, not harder? With BIS, you can.

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With 3 editions, up to 18 modules, numerous enhancements and up to 3,500 plus report options packed into the system; your accounting department will be left wondering how they ever lived without BIS.

Builder Information System (BIS) construction accounting software was developed with increasing efficiency, productivity and profitability in mind. BIS accounting software allows the construction industry to work smarter not harder and gives you the financial information you need to make important decisions real-time.  Real-time technology creates powerful job cost functionality. Its accountant friendly features including: Auto-reversing entries, a bulletproof audit trail, password functionality, multi-company consolidation, always in balance feature and invoicing flexibility help make BIS one of the most user-friendly systems on the market.  We also shouldn’t fail to mention all of the flexibility that the various Editions, module options and ever expanding new features provide.

One powerful module available in BIS is Document Link & Imaging, which allows companies to become more efficient by permitting them to centralize their management and job support files in a quick and intuitive way. All resources related to your BIS transactions, master files and reports can be linked quickly and easily to provide a paperless centralized location for support documents. Imagine looking at the job report and with an easy click on the link, being able to view progress photos, blueprints or even the job schedule specific to that location.

Another feature exclusive to BIS is Drill Down + ®. This feature allows reports to now show hyperlink fields.  Like standard drill down, users can “Drill Down” to another report to edit related information in Master Records or Transactions. The “Plus” part of Drill Down + allows users to open a complete list of documents and editing functions associated with the selected field. Finding where figures come from has never been easier. Users can even customize the drill down so that with a single click it takes them back to a specific report every time.

Stepping even closer to high efficiency for accounting, BIS also introduced its new Report Server module in 2008.  Report Server, a breakthrough in reporting technology exclusive to BIS, makes manually running recurring reports a thing of the past. This tool enables automatic, scheduled distribution of report groups of from Report Queue. With Report Server, you choose which reports, formats, schedules, recipients or groups, and whether you prefer to have them printed, saved or emailed and when. Report Server takes it from there. It will query the reports on the recurrence schedule you specified, with the current data and export them in one of the six optional formats, more than anyone else in the industry. Whether it is the company president traveling, the manager at a job site or the bonding company needing their weekly work in progress information, Report Server can provide them with the up to date data they require even after business hours. Just set it and forget it. Report Server does the work for you.

BIS strives to constantly take construction accounting software to new heights. It is compatible with Windows 7 and Vista and has many features of which will assist in making your company’s accounting more accurate and efficient. With its Historical Fiscal Years feature, users have the ease of looking back at prior years in BIS with the ability to print out reports and invoices. Another feature is Vacation & Sick Leave Accruals with a tab for user defined accrual plans. 

BIS, with its innovative modules, a good library of presentation-quality reports and an easy to learn and use system is designed to help increase the bottom line and fit the needs of a wide variety of construction firms from the smallest startup to the enterprise-level concern with hundreds of employees.

BIS’ unique design provides a construction company’s bookkeepers, CPA or accountants with the ground-breaking technology the industry requires. Its short learning curve and ease of use makes it attractive for construction company bookkeepers and data entry personal. Invoicing flexibility within BIS allows customers to create sales invoices, contract invoices and even AIA billing through a lump sum or cost plus method. 

When looking for construction accounting software, choose BIS; the name with a history you can trust.