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eTax AuditRoom

AuditRoom is an electronic content management tool that provides process automation, risk management and facilitates collaboration between multi-state corporations, government agencies and consulting firms. It can reduce the inherent risk and material weaknesses related to audit management issues while also assessing the overall effectiveness of current controls.


AuditRoom provides secure access for the tax department, internal and external auditors and
taxing authorities. Audit teams can work on the same page in an online collaborative space, which streamlines the audit process. AuditRoom provides secure collaboration, document management and information sharing, whether the audit is conducted by a government agency or an internal audit group.


AuditRoom allows you to control the audit process and manage workflow. This means that AuditRoom can help you implement an integrated records management system and process, creating better ways for your team to handle the audit process. AuditRoom also provides specific messaging features to manage communication between the audit team and external auditors within an audit, giving you the final say in what is shared internally or externally.


AuditRoom also provides online document and tax management. AuditRoom document management features enable you to control a document