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Workforce Management 3G

CyberShift’s Workforce Management 3G Supports the Complex Requirements of Today’s Enterprise-class Organizations

CyberShift’s Workforce Management 3G rules-based platform delivers fully integrated solutions for all aspects of workforce management. CyberShift has developed solutions focused on optimizing the single greatest influencer of business performance: your workforce.

CyberShift’s multi-award winning, 100% Web-based workforce management solutions are ideally suited to mid to large sized, complex enterprises. Our solutions are built upon an agile Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) leveraging Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) industry standards to deliver the functionality and flexibility needed to support an organization’s demanding and complex workforce management requirements. Going beyond traditional workforce management systems, CyberShift’s workforce management solutions can significantly improve the efficiency of your business, enhancing performance and increasing profitability.