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CITP Credential Changes with the Times

The times … they are a-changin’ … and so is the CITP Credential.

According to an announcement made during AICPA’s TECH+ Conference in Las Vegas earlier this week, “the revised credential will concentrate on information technology expertise relating to audit and attest services and financial data components, analysis and reporting. The holder of the revised credential represents a CPA who provides assurance to financial information or insight to business data, process or reporting.”

Many may not realize the CITP originated in 2000 when our tech world was booming, However, during the last several years, I believe interest in the credential suffered due to what I call “information overload,” all due to advances in technology. With so much to learn and pass on to our clients and employers, most practitioners have a hard enough time just keeping up with innovations associated with more efficient workflow and processes.

Having previously served on the AICPA’s CITP Credential Committee, I applaud these changes because they prevent the CITP from presenting a watered-down approach to technology consulting.