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Sage — Peachtree by Sage Quantum – Accountants Edition 2010

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remains a popular software solution for small business owners. With products
ranging from a basic accounting solution to the higher-end Peachtree Quantum,
which can handle up to 40 users simultaneously, Peachtree remains an excellent
solution for today’s business owner. Peachtree by Sage Quantum –
Accountants Edition varies somewhat in that it is designed for professional
accountants who wish to manage their clients’ books electronically. Look
for a classic, understated look with Peachtree 2010. The 2010 version also contains
a wide array of updates and enhancements that will be addressed throughout this

From the June 2009 Review of Small
Business Accounting Systems: Tier II

Peachtree continues to maintain an easy-to-navigate user interface. New users
will find setting up companies a breeze when using the setup wizard. One of
the best features of the Accountant’s Edition of Peachtree is its ability
to allow accountants to create a new company for a client using any one of the
Peachtree editions available. In other words, if your first client is using
Peachtree Premium Accounting 2010 for Manufacturing, and your second client
is using Peachtree Premium Accounting 2010, you’ll be able to create both
new companies using your same version. The capabilities and features of that
particular version are then passed on to you when you access that particular
company so you can set up your clients’ files to reflect their capabilities
and limitations, and those same capabilities and limitations will be mirrored
in the Accountant’s Edition.

You can now also create a new company on-the-fly by using the Restore Wizard,
which allows you to restore to either an existing company or simply create a
new one. Peachtree Navigation Centers continue to be the centerpiece of all
Peachtree products, with centers found on the left side of the main interface
screen. A menu bar at the top of the screen also offers access to various product
functions such as Lists, Maintain, Tasks, Analysis, Options, Reports & Forms,
and Services. Accountants can easily tailor each screen to fit the needs of
their individual clients, displaying relevant reports, graphs and other information
tools. Data-entry screens are easily navigated, with lookup options and drop-down
menus available throughout.

Peachtree Quantum offers solid accounting functionality, including GL, AR, AP
and Payroll features, along with a comprehensive Inventory module. Peachtree’s
Accountant’s Edition focuses on features that assist accountants with
managing their clients’ books. These features include the excellent Internal
Accounting Review that allows searching for common accounting errors. The Cash
Management feature provides a quick snapshot of all of your clients’ financial
positions. New in Peachtree Quantum 2010 is an improved transaction history,
the new Customer Management Center, the ability to open multiple companies simultaneously,
and the new Peachtree Resource Center. New specifically in Peachtree Quantum
is the My Dashboard feature that allows dashboard personalization so you can
display only the items relevant to you and your clients. Peachtree Quantum 2010
also offers more extensive system security options.

The biggest strength of Peachtree Quantum Accountant’s Edition can be
found in its management and reporting options. This includes the option to access
and run reports for all of your client companies no matter what version of Peachtree
they are currently using. In addition to the more than 145 standard reports
included in Peachtree, you’ll also receive Crystal Reports, which contains
21 custom reports created by Peachtree. This includes the specialty reports
that are included in vertical market versions of Peachtree such as Manufacturing,
Nonprofits, and Retail and Service. All available reports are listed alphabetically
in the Reporting Center, with a report description included. All reports can
be exported to third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel or Word, and
financial statements can be prepared and emailed to recipients directly from
the print screen.

New in Peachtree 2010 is the Business Analytics option, powered by iLumen,
which allows you to compare your client’s business performance to comparable
businesses. Company performance can be analyzed using handy tools such as the
Cash Flow Manager and Financial Manager.

The Import/Export feature allows you to choose which modules and data within
that module you wish to import or export. Along with Remote Access and Web Accounting
functions, Peachtree Quantum for Accountants also integrates with Microsoft
Word, Excel and Outlook. Also available is Time & Billing, Credit Card Services
and an Online Bill Paying feature, along with numerous third-party applications
designed to strengthen the Peachtree family of products.

Peachtree offers numerous Help and support options, including the new Peachtree
Resource Center that offers users an easy way to access all Peachtree related
products and services, as well as information and links to training classes.
A solid Help function guides you through the basics, and the liberal use of
wizards makes setting up the product easier than ever before. Support options
vary. As a bonus, all new purchasers receive 30 days of free product support
upon registration.

If you have clients using any edition of Peachtree, this product is really a
must. Easy access to client data means more accuracy for them and less work
for you at year end. The easy accessibility of data and the built-in safeguards
make it hard to pass up Peachtree by Sage Quantum Accounting-Accountant’s
Edition. This product is available as part of the Sage Accountants’ Network,
with a membership fee of $419.