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eTEK International — eTEK for Microsoft Office

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privately owned business, eTEK has consistently offered accounting
and job costing software to companies of all sizes. Its scalable product line
ranges in scope from single-user systems to those powered by powerful Microsoft
SQL. With a history of offering the latest technology, eTEK has continued
that tradition with the latest release of eTEK for Microsoft Office,
which combines the vendor’s powerful accounting software with the latest
technology offered in MS Office 2007.

From the June 2009 Review of Small
Business Accounting Systems: Tier II

eTEK now offers two distinct platforms for its accounting program:
a traditional licensed based version to install or the new web-based SaaS version.
Each version has its own distinct advantages and is suitable for different business

eTEK for Microsoft Office’s structure is based on MS Office
2007, which is required in order to use this product. If you’re not familiar
with the MS Office 2007 suite of products, taking a few minutes to familiarize
yourself with the navigation processes will help.

The main user entry screen features all installed modules listed at the top.
Clicking on a module will then update the options listed below. eTEK
Accounting makes full use of this navigational structure, providing users with
numerous icons, lookup options and system functions. This allows eTEK
to offer excellent system detail such as the detail inquiry in the GL module,
which allows you to search for transactions by GL account, division, department,
and product. Above the modules is a toolbar that offers easy access to vital
system functions such as print, save, import and export functions, as well as
the ability to run queries. The quick access toolbar can be easily customized
to suit your needs. The System Utilities module, where you set up your company
information, allows you to access financial utilities such as assigning credit
terms, post unapplied payments, and access and post out-of-balance items. Data-entry
screens are easily navigated with convenient lookup windows throughout.

eTEK for Microsoft Office contains GL, AP, AR, Financial Reporting,
Budgeting, Cash Management and CRM capabilities. The Payroll module offers direct
deposit capability, handles multi-state payrolls, and features the Payroll Quick
Time entry function that allows you to quickly enter payroll information using
a series of lookup options. Setting up budgeting is simple; just select a GL
account and choose the appropriate division, department and product. System
security is module/menu driven by user, so you can choose detailed system access
for each user. The View Activity Log allows you to view system access including
login and logout times, system user, and form names accessed. eTEK
also features a flexible account number structure that allows for up to four
segments with nine digits each.

eTEK for Microsoft Office offers an excellent selection of reports
available in each module. Reports are easily accessible and can be viewed on-screen
prior to printing or sent to the printer prior to viewing; printed with specific
options available; emailed; and exported to Excel, Word, Access, text and XML
files, and the Snapshot Viewer. eTEK’s payroll module contains
a report wizard that assists with creating custom reports, including column,
width and formatting attributes. The Job Cost module also offers a report wizard.

The Bank Reconciliation tool allows you to keep your bank balance reconciled
at all times. An excellent budgeting tool helps track operating income and expenses
so the business owner can make informed decisions about the status of the company.

eTEK for Microsoft Office offers easy import and exporting capabilities
throughout. Extensive use of Microsoft Office functionality within the program
expands the import/export capability drastically. Aside from the Accounting
and Payroll modules, you can also purchase Job Cost and Supply Chain Management
modules, which include Sales and Work Orders, Inventory Control, and Multi-Warehouse
capability. eTEK for Microsoft Office is also available in three convenient
editions: as a single desktop system, as a client/server network, and as a SaaS-delivered

eTEK contains a good Help file that can guide new users through the
setup process. A variety of web videos and screenshots are available that provide
good information on the product and its capabilities. A self-guided tour takes
you through the product features. Product support runs 20 percent of the price
of the licensed product. For the SaaS product, support is included in the subscription

Pricing for eTEK for Microsoft Office varies depending on the deployment
method chosen. SaaS pricing for a single user would cost $125 per month (includes
Accounting and Payroll). A startup fee equal to two months of service is also
required. The single-user desktop version costs $1,850.00. eTEK is a solid accounting
product that can serve the needs of small and mid-size business owners for many
years to come.