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Tenenz, Inc. — AFSB

From the Dec. 2008 Feature on Web
Builders for Accountants

AFSB Accounting and Financial Site Builder was introduced in 1999. Offering
unlimited web pages and continuous product updates, AFSB’s latest enhancements
were added in September of 2008. These most recent updates include the addition
of new templates that use CSS technology, the ability to use Flash technology
on their web pages, the addition of a secure client portal, enhanced newsletter
graphics and extensive newsletter archives, the ability to accept online client
payments, additional financial calculators for clients to utilize (more than
50 available), a customizable events calendar and a contact page that provides
a map to your office. You’ll also be able to set up a “Members Only”
area, where clients can easily access special offers and client-specific information.

AFSB offers unlimited pages you can create for your website, and has also
added a standard forms area, so that clients can access and download various
forms for their use. The Client Form Builder is another handy feature, where
clients can create custom forms for clients to use. You can now rename and sort
navigation buttons to fit with your company’s needs, and the enhanced
WYSIWYG editor makes customizing and updating your website easier than ever.
AFSB currently uses a sub-domain process for instant website creation, but users
have the option of creating their own domain, if desired.

AFSB now includes the cost of domain service in its monthly subscription fee.
Five free e-mail POP accounts or e-mail re-directs of your current e-mail accounts
are included with your monthly service fee.

In addition to unlimited custom pages, the following standard pages are in-cluded
with AFSB: Home Page, Financial Tools, About Us, Contact Us, Links, Newsletter,
Firm Profile and Services. The Web Site Wizard will help you set up and edit
your new website with step-by-step instructions. This includes specifying the
content that you wish to appear, including specific newsletter and calculator
options. You can also provide your clients with the option of downloading specific
articles and newsletters by setting up PDF files on your website, thus giving
them the option of printing information as needed. Help buttons are located
throughout. AFSB provides all users with free base-level technical support service,
which is particularly useful when first setting up your website. Sites are hosted
on a dedicated server at a major ISP with a connectivity rate of 99 percent.
Backups and infrastructure redundancy are in place in case of disasters.

AFSB offers a good but basic selection of templates that you can utilize when
setting up your website. You can also customize your color preferences and specific
layouts so that your website isn’t simply a ‘cookie-cutter’
site, but one that you designed. AFSB is affordably priced, starting at $25.99
monthly, or $239 for an annual subscription. Additional services such as domain
transfers, search engine registration or digital brochures are additional, and
are billed as one-time fees. AFSB charges no setup fees.

AFSB’s website offers you the option of setting up a no-obligation website
that you can utilize for 30 days. This offer gives you the opportunity to access
the website building tools and view the finished product before you purchase
the subscription. That option alone makes AFSB a product to consider.