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Kintera FundWare — FundWare

From the October 2005 Review of Not-for-Profit
Accounting Software

FundWare is a fund accounting software product designed specifically for nonprofit
organizations and government agencies. In existence since 1976, FundWare continues
to shine under its new owner, Kintera, Inc., who acquired American FundWare,
Inc. (the providers of FundWare Accounting software) from Intuit. One of Kintera’s
first acts upon acquiring FundWare was to integrate it with Kintera Sphere,
which is an enterprise-level software system that provides “software as
a service” to a variety of clients, bringing its functionality to a new
In College Station, Texas, the Texas A&M Foundation (
works at major gift fundraising and asset management for Texas A&M University.
The foundation currently has close to $750 million in net assets and uses FundWare
to manage approximately 5,000 separate accounts with both endowed and temporarily
restricted funds, such as scholarships, chairs, professorships, dean’s
discretionary accounts, etc.

Linda J. Jackman, the foundation’s assistant controller, says “FundWare’s
allocation management was the only one that would handle some very complicated
processes when we selected it in 1994.” She appreciates the company’s
responsiveness to continue to improve the product and listen to clients. Jackman
says the most beneficial aspects of the program include the “power of
the Advanced Report module and the Allocation Management.” She advises
new and prospective users to carefully plan the GL account structure, use attributes
as needed and learn the reporting capabilities. She also recommends that new
users “take advantage of the company’s professional services or
a reputable VAR, attending the FundWare conferences and join a user group if
available in your area.”

FundWare features a user-friendly interface, with a Windows drop-down menu at
the top and a list of all system modules on the left side. Clicking on the module
will expand the list to display the various functions that are available within
each module. The table-driven chart of accounts function allows you to view
properties for all accounts. A flexible account structure lets you employ a
10- or 15-digit GL-defined account number structure, use a P/G (Project/Grant)
system-defined nine-digit structure, or create a custom account number structure.
Each module has a “Homepage,” where all system functions can be
viewed, activity reminders posted and available reports displayed. Data-entry
screens are all clean and uncluttered, with most functions accessible from any
screen in the module. You can also access historical data in seconds, and drill-down
transaction detail is available for research or verification.

Kintera FundWare offers a total of 24 different modules from which users can
choose. Core modules include the GL, Project/Grant, AP/Purchase Orders, and
Payroll/Human Resources. Other modules include AR, Allocation Management, Budget
Preparation, Cash Receipts and Bank Reconciliation. Several utility modules
are also included with FundWare, including Advanced Printer Control, Electronic
Timesheets, ADP to FundWare Import, FundWare Connect, and Corridor ODBC. Reporting
modules include the Report Manager, iData, F9 for FundWare, the Web Reporter
and Advanced Financial Reporting. Currently, two versions of Kintera FundWare
are available: the Pro version, which is for one to five users, and Enterprise,
which is for five to 100+ users. The Pro version uses MSDE as its database,
which is included on the CD. The Enterprise version uses Microsoft SQL, which
you will need to have installed on your computer prior to installing FundWare.

The addition of the Export to Accounting function is one of the major changes
in the newest version. This feature allows complete integration between FundWare
and Kintera Sphere. Additions to the Payroll module include IRS levy capability
on disposable wages, employee age calculations by month, and taxable employer-provided
group life insurance. Features due out by the end of 2005 include expanded AR/Cash
Receipts functionality, electronic AP approval and an enhanced Fixed Assets
function. Drill-down features can be found throughout FundWare. Transaction
history can be viewed by simply clicking on an account number.

The Homepage feature streamlines your day by prioritizing tasks and gives
you instant monitoring of items you deem necessary. FundWare also provides you
with a complete audit trail, allowing you to see transactions completed, and
by whom. Security is multi-level, with security assigned by employee or workgroup.
Real-time budgeting provides warnings when expenses exceed pre-defined budget
limits. With FundWare, you also have flexibility with month-end and year-end

Over 60 standard reports are included in the Report Manager module. User-defined
options provide templates to build additional reports. You can also specify
page and row breaks, modify current reports or add new ones. As well, user-defined
folders can be created to automate printing of specified reports. The Advanced
Financial Reporting option is available for those who wish to create custom
reports using defined criteria. The Web Reporter allows you to combine various
FundWare reports, post FundWare reports directly to user directories, and import
reports. The F9 module links financial information directly to your Excel spreadsheets,
enabling you to create professional reports for board members or departments.
The Advanced Printer Control module assists you with check printing options,
and the Print Manager Setup function guides you through print option setup,
where you can choose the type of print used in reports as well as where you
wish to store global print settings.

A basic Help option can be found in each of the modules and will cover many
questions that may plague new users. An extensive online Help system is available
24/7, as well. Telephone support is offered, and an online knowledgebase contains
tips and shortcuts, along with answers to common problems. Training classes
and e-classes are also available for users of all levels.

Kintera FundWare is a comprehensive program that can be tailored to fit organizations
of all sizes. A flexible pricing schedule, with modules ranging in price from
$1,295 to $3,995, coupled with the availability to purchase only necessary modules
for your nonprofit, make FundWare even more attractive. Newly purchased by Kintera,
FundWare continues to provide established and comprehensive solutions in the
nonprofit sector.

2005 Overall Rating — 5 Stars