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SourceLink From Personable — A Niche Solution For QuickBooks Users


Note: This is a sidebar from the June/July Review of Document
Management Systems

SourceLink is a good example of a niche solution for document management.
Unlike the other products in our review, which are designed as full enterprise
systems that can meet all of the DMS needs of a tax and accounting firm, SourceLink
is focused on direct and deep integration with QuickBooks. If you utilize QuickBooks
for client accounting and bookkeeping, this is a great solution for managing
the source documents related to the transactions.

More importantly, it is a great solution for your clients who are using QuickBooks
to manage their business if they want to start getting control of their paper
files. The SourceLink Standard Edition is fully integrated into QuickBooks as
a menu option. Whenever you add a transaction to QuickBooks, you can link directly
to a file or scanned image through SourceLink. You can even link to an entire
folder of documents.

The TurboFolder feature allows you to view your SourceLink files in the same
format as QuickBooks (i.e., vendors, customers, etc.), and you can navigate
directly to a hit list of linked files. SourceLink ME (Management Edition) provides
workflow functionality that lets you route transactions and linked documents
for approval based upon rules you establish (i.e., all invoices over $500 go
to the Controller for approval).

You can add an e-mail address for the person to whom the document(s) is routed,
and they will receive an e-mail notice that a transaction is awaiting their
approval. SourceLink supports QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise from 2004
to present. Pricing for the Standard Edition is $229 for a single user, $729
for five users and $1,229 for a 10-user license. The Management Edition is $299
for a single user, $999 for five users and $1,699 for 10 users. Personable also
offers a hosting option for accounting professionals.