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RealEasyBooks Inc. – ezREB

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Sidebar from the June/July Review
of Small Business Accounting Systems

RealEasyBooks Offers Option For Small Entities

[Sidebar] As many small business accounting products on the market have continued
to develop more and more features and, unfortunately, have grown correspondingly
more complex, one developer has intentionally decided to keep its program fairly
bare bones. The ezREB program from RealEasyBooks, Inc. supports up to five concurrent
users and provides customizable charts of accounts designed to match end-of-year
IRS reporting needs for businesses, supports accrual and cash-basis accounting
methods, and provides basic financial reporting options. Price: $99 (single

One of the program’s key advantages, says the company, is that it has
“fewer features than competing software,” which makes it easier
to learn and use. This is in contrast to SMB products that are essentially becoming
mini ERP systems (enterprise resource planning) like large enterprises use,
with the addition of advanced contact management, analysis functions and hundreds
of options that most small businesses just don’t use.

The ezREB program does offer some key capabilities, however, including tracking
inventory using any of four pricing methods, checkwriting, e-mail communication
with clients, automated recurring transactions, sales tax tracking for up to
three jurisdictions per customer, one-click conversion of purchase orders into
bills, reconciliation functions, trial balance, and budgeting.

The interface is a quick learn, providing easy access to sales, receipts,
payables, inventory, checkwriting, and customer and vendor lists, while reports
are usually one or two clicks away. Among it’s more than 40 pre-built
reports are P&L, balance sheet, trial balance, budgets, inventory, collections,
cash flow, account balances, sales, collections, sales taxes, and disbursements.
As well, the program can print 1099s, and multiple level password protection
is offered.
ezREB costs $99 with discounts for additional licenses. Professional accountants
can receive a free copy of the program.