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The PROMAS Landlord Software Center — PROMAS Landmaster

From the Jan./Mar. 2008 Review
of Property Mgmt. Systems

PROMAS Landmaster is one of several products offered by The PROMAS Landlord
Software Center. Designed for professional property managers, association management
companies and self-managed associations, PROMAS Landmaster is a completely integrated
accounting and property management software solution.

PROMAS Landmaster is easily installed and offers a minimalist approach, with
a drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Directly below is a row of icons
that offers one-click access to frequently used program areas. Below these icons
are tabs that provide access to system modules. Icons update when a different
module is accessed.

To set up property, manager, unit and tenant information, users will need
to access the Profiles module. Adding and editing data is easy, with tabs available
at the bottom of each screen. PROMAS Landmaster does not contain an applicant
module, so new tenants are entered directly into the tenant file. All data-entry
screens contain tabs at the bottom that allow additional information to be entered.
Pop-up speed bars are available in all data-entry screens and provide quick
access to system functions and allow the viewing of system data visually.

PROMAS Landmaster can handle an unlimited number of owners, properties, units
and tenants. And because the program is licensed by number of units, users will
receive the same system functionality whether they license 100 units or 1,000
units. The PROMAS Landmaster Maintenance module allows for the tracking of any
work order requests, with areas to approve work, start date, and when the work
has been completed. Users can also track the repair history of the appliance
or the unit that has requested work. Users can also keep track of any existing
warranties on appliances, including product serial numbers. The Mailings module
allows users to quickly produce various statement formats, late notices, and
customized owner and tenant letters.

PROMAS Landmaster is a completely integrated accounting and property management
software program and offers GL, AP, and AR modules, along with property management
modules such as Profiles, where all property/unit/owner specific information
is entered. PROMAS also offers an excellent Maintenance module, along with Reports
and Mailings modules. PROMAS Landmaster is priced by unit, and users can get
started with as little as 50 units. PROMAS Landmaster grows as the business does, and it can manage both unlimited
rental units and unlimited databases. Several add-on modules are also available,
including a commercial management module, an Internet Publishing module and
a Tax Collection module. Also available is an Association Management module.

As previously noted, PROMAS is a completely integrated product. All standard
modules, as well as add-ons, are designed to work together. Tenant letters and
statements can be exported to a Word file for easier processing. The Export
Utility allows for the export of specific data types such as owner, tenant,
unit and vendor files directly to portable hand-held devices.

REPORTING — 4.5 Stars
Over 200 standard system reports are provided, including management, owner,
property, unit and tenant reports. Tickler reports such as reminders and specific
events (such as lease expiration dates) are also available. Although reporting
choices are excellent, there report customization capabilities are limited within
the program, although users can export data to Crystal Reports for more detailed
reporting. Reports can be exported to a variety of formats, including *.PDF,
Excel and Word.

SUPPORT — 5 Stars
PROMAS Landmaster offers numerous support plans, including Pre-Paid Yearly Support
Plans. The cost of the yearly plan is dependent on the number of units that
have been purchased. Other plan options include main system updates and annual
upgrades on CD. Additional blocks of support time can also be purchased at a
cost of $200 for an additional 12 hours of support. Per-incident support is
also available. PROMAS Landmaster also includes an excellent Help feature, and
a comprehensive training manual is provided to all new users. As well, a demonstration
database is included with the software for training purposes.

PROMAS Landmaster is an excellent software product for smaller property management
companies managing fewer than 1000 rental units that have a limited budget,
but who still desire a comprehensive product that includes a complete accounting
solution. Prices depend on number of units managed and range from $395 for 50
units to $1,995 for unlimited units.

2008 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars