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InfoTouch Corporation — InfoTouch Store Manager ES

From the Nov. 2007 Issue — Exclusive Online Content

Recently acquired by PayTrans Network Inc. in San Antonio, Texas, InfoTouch continues to offer its excellent point-of-sale software to retailers and specialty shops. InfoTouch Store Manager ES is a customizable POS product suitable for a variety of retail and specialty stores. InfoTouch recently released Revision 1 for version 2.50.

EASE OF USE — 5 Stars
The user interface is pleasant and easily navigated, with a variety of buttons that provide access to POS functions such as Register, Inventory, Customers, Employees, Time Clock, Transaction Manager and Replenishment using true touch-screen technology. Users click on the Register button and sign in on the numeric keypad. A variety of retail store types can be set up, including shoe stores, nutrition shops, video stores, beauty salons, arts and crafts, and gift stores. Each store type will present with a different register interface.

The comprehensive Setup module can be used to add departments, tax categories, registers, price levels, inventory, customers and employees. All setup screens are easily navigated with minimal information required and color-coded buttons for adding, modifying or deleting information. The interface screen automatically updates when accessing a function, but the user interface remains easily navigated, pleasing to the eye, and designed so that even new users will not be intimidated. Excellent lookup features are available for processing sales, or the UPC code can be entered for access to that item. An on-screen keyboard is also available to enter item descriptions if they cannot be located any other way.

InfoTouch Store Manager comes with the Point of Sale Register, Inventory, Transaction Manager Replenishment, Time Clock, Customers, Employees, Utility, Setup and Backup modules. The Enterprise Manager provides true multi-store functionality with centralized control of vital functions such as Inventory, Replenishment, Customers and Employees. The Enterprise Manager also offers a Reports module that utilizes Crystal Reports engine for specialized reporting capability.

InfoTouch Store Manager offers hundreds of customizable retail applications designed to suit the needs of various businesses. New features and enhancements in Revision 1 of version 2.50 include improved security by offering encryption of customer information and updated Visa Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) certification. New register buttons provide faster sales processing and allow for more efficient product lookup. InfoTouch now also supports both Mercury Payment Systems and Paymentech, without the need for third-party interface software.

Users can enter up to 15 tax categories and use up to 10 different tenders. Products can have up to nine alternate price levels, and the Inventory module allows up to 10 user-defined fields that can be used for any purpose. To ensure correct processing of transactions, user-defined checkpoints should be set up to allow users to list out the necessary steps for processing any type of transaction. These steps will then be displayed on the sales register screen for staff reference. This is a terrific tool, particularly for safeguarding the system and ensuring that new employees are following the correct procedures. The Transaction Manager module allows for the creation and modification of gift certificates and allows users to close cash drawers, run transaction reports and delete suspended transactions. It also provides a link to the Touch Data Link communications device.

The Manager menu, found in the main register screen, allows managers to process transactions off limits to employees. These include account adjustments, quotes, layaways and returns. This area also allows the close out of shifts and handles inventory transactions. The Employee module allows users to schedule employees, setup and maintain various commission plans, and pay employees.

InfoTouch Store Manager is a fully integrated system, with all modules working together seamlessly. Store Manager also integrates with numerous hardware peripherals including customer displays, cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners and touch monitors. The Touch Data Link allows you to export transaction logs and quantities on hand or import scheduled updates.

The program’s tracking options are excellent, with the ability to track special pricing and credit limits. Customer reports include ranking by sales, sales history and balances. InfoTouch Store Manager also allows users to track vital information such as bad checks, inventory movement and gift certificate purchases. The Transaction module processes reports such as Register Shift, Hourly Sales and Average Unit Sales. Reports can be previewed on-screen, printed or exported to disk. Additional reports include Sales by Day, Layaways and daily AR. Inventory, employee and employee reports are available, as well.

InfoTouch Store Manager ES is a terrific program. The user interface is one of the easiest I have ever used, belying the depth of functionality found beneath its user-friendly screens. Easily customizable and affordable at$1,495 for a single-user (one-register) system and an additional $1,495 for two to 60 registers, Store Manager is the ideal solution for retailers, large and small.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars