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Thomson Tax & Accounting — Write-Up CS

From the Nov. 2007 Review of Client
Write-Up Systems

Thomson Tax & Accounting is one of only a few software vendors that offers
fully integrated applications across the spectrum, from an in-house client bookkeeping
solution, through write-up and trial balance, and even continuing through tax
planning and compliance. The company’s Write-Up CS is one of the leaders
in the genre, sharing data with the other programs in the Thomson Tax &
Accounting CS suite (formerly Creative Solutions). Direct integration with Thomson’s
FileCabinet CS also provides firms with direct digital document management capabilities.
The system can support any number of clients and includes full GL, bank reconciliation
and advanced reporting options that provide customization and the ability to
include full-color visual elements like graphs. An optional add-on module provides
support for after-the-fact payroll with forms W-2, 1099 and the 940 series.
Pricing for Write-Up CS starts at $1,800.

Users familiar with any of Thomson Tax & Accounting’s other CS products
will be immediately at home in the Write-Up CS system, which opens within the
core CS Professional Suite Accounting module, providing link-based access to
user-related functions, including frequent tasks, recently worked on clients,
firm setup, notices and other items. The system also maintains traditional pull-down
and icon-based menus and toolbars across the top of the screen, which include
options for import and export functions with other CS applications. Client work
is performed after selection of the entity from a list that includes sort and
search functions. Write-Up CS offers wizards and templates for initial setup
of clients and charts of accounts, including the ability to set up multiple
clients at once, copying data from client to client. Customization options allow
the firm to set up data-entry screens to match client source documents.

Within a client’s files, the interface provides a vertical menu with
access to transactions, bank reconciliation, the chart of accounts, payroll
functions, employee and vendor data, reporting tools, and financial statement
generation. The primary transaction screen makes it easy to add accounts and
vendors or to edit previously entered transactions. Users can enter data either
heads-down or using interface components. An audit trail and security features
ensure audit compliance. Multiple client files can be open simultaneously, and
Write-Up CS supports entry of prior-year journal entries and regeneration of
prior-year journals, GL reports and financial statements. The system can maintain
up to 10 years of historical GL balance and transactional data.

Write-Up CS includes excellent customization options for reporting using the
built-in Report and Financial Statement Editor, which helps users easily create
appropriate documents using various templates, or completely according to their
clients’ needs. The system allows multi-level comparative reporting along
with other analytical tools. Users can fully customize output, including letterhead,
fonts, logos and graphs, and templates are also included for client letters,
coversheets and a table of contents. With the payroll module, Write-Up CS also
offers wage information reporting with forms W-2, W-3, 940, 941, 942, 943, 945
and 1099. State payroll tax returns and withholding and unemployment forms can
also be easily produced.

As previously noted, the CS suite of accounting products provides total integration
across all components, working from the same database and reducing redundant
entry. The program allows transactional entry though the Client Bookkeeping
Solution to be fed into the same system that is used by the professional accountant
to perform bank reconciliation and write-up tasks, thereby eliminating the need
for data transfers and accountant’s copies of data. Import of information
from external trial balance, client accounting systems and tax programs is generally
simple, including transferring journal entries from the company’s depreciation
and practice management systems. The program allows export of any report to
a file, but does not support direct export.

Write-Up CS includes content-specific Help features, right-click menus, setup
templates and other assistive features that include a well-designed Help menu
and built-in FAQs. Thomson Tax & Accounting’s online support center
offers abundant options, including a knowledgebase, user e-newsletters, product
downloads and updates, marketing tools, information on data conversions, contact
information, and access to the ARNE2 message boards, the largest online software
user community for accounting professionals. Multiple training options are available,
including web-based virtual classes and live courses held across the country
and at the company’s annual users’ conference (in Hawaii this year).

Write-Up CS is not geared toward stand-alone use, but rather as a tightly integrated
part of a CS-integrated professional practice providing financial services to
more complex small and mid-sized businesses. Thomson Tax & Accounting’s
CS Accounting Suite offers the most comprehensive line of programs for professional
accountants, from client bookkeeping, to tax prep and planning, write-up, trial
balance, engagement, practice management, financial analysis and digital storage.
For this type of professional practice, Write-Up CS offers exceptional reporting
customization options, including the ability to personalize headers, footers,
coversheets and client letters with the ability to add full-color charts and

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars