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Orrtax Software Solutions — IntelliTax

From the April/May 2007 Review
of Professional Tax Preparation Systems

IntelliTax is a professional tax compliance system that includes modules for
preparing and filing 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120S and 1065 returns, with bilingual
client letters in the program and documentation including demonstration guides,
tutorials and presentation CDs, and customer support for Spanish-speaking clients.
The core IntelliTax program is bundled into two packages: IntelliTax Individual
(previously known as IntelliTax for Windows), which includes compliance for
individual federal and state filing, and IntelliTax Business (previously known
as IntelliTax for Business), which provides the corporate, fiduciary and partnership
returns. IntelliTax Individual includes unlimited e-filing and integrated bank
products, and both programs include a variety of review tools, practice management
functions and report features that enhance functionality. The 1040-only system
is $498 with current seasonal discounts; the 1040 and business bundle is $748
with current seasonal discounts. The combined 1040, business and multi-office
management program (IntelliManager) costs $998 with current seasonal discounts.
All of these are network-
ready and can be used by all users in the same office at no additional cost.

Learning Curve — 5 Stars
The Launch Pad serves as the main start screen for IntelliTax, offering the
user access to the Client Profile Screen, which provides a spreadsheet client
list that is sortable, filterable and searchable via several methods and displays
summary information for each client including name, contact information, acknowledgements
and refund/due amounts. For offices with multiple users, an alternate customizable
client selection list called My Returns limits the list of clients to only those
that the current user is preparing or has prepared. The Launch Pad also provides
access to all of the primary features and modules, as well as to general tasks.

Data entry can be performed in either an interview mode or directly on forms,
with all data and calculations automatically transferring to appropriate lines
as needed and Help available on a line-by-line basis in either method of entry.
Users can easily switch between the views at any time. The forms mode provides
the quickest method of data entry, enabling users to quickly tab between data-entry
fields or use their mouse, while the Interview system provides more guidance
for the preparer, making it more suited to less experienced users. While within
a return, a client Home Page provides a checklist for return preparation and,
when entering data, the IntelliTax interface maintains a menu on the left that
allows a preparer in the forms view to easily jump to input categories such
as wages, credits and deductions. It also provides links to forms and schedules
associated with the current return. In the Interview mode, this menu displays
the steps involved in the process and places a checkmark beside each completed
tasks, such as entry of dependent information, wages and deductions. Below this
menu, the program includes a live refund monitor that displays the current refund/due

Many of the data-entry fields in the system include auto-fill functions that
populate company and employer information after the user enters the EIN or fills
in city and state with a ZIP Code entry. Other fields include smart lists that
let the user select from previously entered data. The system is quite intuitive
even for novice users, who should grow adept at program use with little, if
any, training.

Use/Workflow & Productivity Tools — 4 Stars
While working with returns or during the review process, IntelliTax links all
subordinate returns and supporting schedules and worksheets to the primary return,
making drilldown easy. The system also includes diagnostics, and the IntelliNotes
function lets users mark or add notes to fields for later review or override
calculations, and monitors these changes by highlighting them. The Review Mode
then prompts users to fields that have been marked or overridden, as well as
fields that may have incorrect or missing information. An override report acts
as an audit trail, noting all changes made during preparation. The review process
is also aided by a checklist, and professionals have access to a good selection
of reporting options. IntelliTax also includes a basic asset depreciation system.

The Client Profile and My Returns selection lists provide streamlined client
management functions and instant access to returns, as well as billing and client
communication tools. Another useful feature is the program’s IntelliTax SnapShot
function, which provides a quick tool for providing refund estimates to clients.
For multi-location tax offices, the IntelliManager program enables remote access
and control of the system.

Integration/Import & Export — 2.5 Stars
Although the IntelliTax system is offered in two distinct packages, the program
shares the same database, so data is shared between modules and across forms
as needed. However, the program is not capable of performing K-1 pass-throughs.
The program offers integration with People’s Choice Accounting but not with
other accounting packages or with Microsoft Office products. Free conversions
are available for most tax packages. Documents can be output to PDF to aid in
paperless document storage.

Support/Training & Help System — 4 Stars
The system is generally simple to understand and use, and provides several Help
tools such as field-sensitive directions, as well as links to Internet resources.
A print copy of the Getting Started Guide accompanies each program and is also
available electronically along with a traditional Help index utility. The company
also has an online support center with tutorials, program updates and FAQs,
while program Auto-Updates, newsletters and e-mail reminders alert users to
program updates, new features and other information. Live and web-based training
is available.

Relative Value — 4 Stars
IntelliTax offers a good basic package for smaller general accounting practices
and streamlined tax-only offices that don’t need an extensive system, but who
may need the advantages of a networked system that doesn’t cost extra. Additionally,
the system can support multi-office tax preparers. With multiple data-entry
methods, the program is easy to learn and navigate, and client
management options make retrieving information simple. The system includes bank
product services and unlimited e-filing.

2007 Overall Rating — 4 Stars