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Intuit, Inc. — QuickBooks: Premier Nonprofit Edition 2006

the Oct. 2006 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Systems

branching off into specialty editions, QuickBooks has increased its customer
base quite effectively. One of those specialty editions is QuickBooks: Premier
Nonprofit Edition 2006. Designed for the smaller nonprofit organization, QuickBooks:
Premier Nonprofit is a good choice for startup nonprofits.

QuickBooks has worked hard to keep its user interface easy to navigate. The
updated user interface found in this edition features a drop-down menu bar at
the top of the screen that contains access to all installed functions. Beneath
the menu bar is a toolbar that provides one-click access to frequently used
functions such as Customer Center, Employee Center, Chart of Accounts, Class
List, Sales Receipt, Payment, Deposit, etc. Below that is a navigational flowchart
that features access to Company, Banking, Vendors, Customers/Donors and Employees.
The main screen also has a grid to the right that displays account balances
at-a-glance. Data-entry screens are easily navigated, with lookup capability
throughout. Importing and exporting data to and from Excel and Word is possible,
and a new Customer Center lets you easily keep track of customer/donor data
without the use of third-party software products.

Your home page can be easily customized to better reflect your preferences.
As well, several new functions are included in QuickBooks: Premier Nonprofit
Edition 2006, such as the addition of Customer, Vendor, Payroll and Employee
Centers. When added to the regular nonprofit, company, customer, vendor, banking,
and reporting functions, these new additions make the 2006 version more comprehensive
than previous versions. Payroll functionality comes in the desktop product.
QB Payroll Services can also offer greater functionality/service at three levels
(and three subscription prices): Standard/Enhanced, Assisted, and Complete.
Targeted to small nonprofits, QuickBooks: Premier Nonprofit Edition 2006 can
import data from Quicken and Peachtree and is available in single- and five-user
systems. Contact information stored in Microsoft Outlook can be easily synced
with QuickBooks: Premier Nonprofit Edition. Data can also be accessed remotely
by subscribing to a special service.

The EasyStep Interview is designed to simplify setting up a new organization,
but company information can also be set up independently. Upon installation,
the QuickBooks Learning Center will display on the main screen with links to
tutorials and other learning tools. QuickBooks utilizes the UCOA (Unified Chart
of Accounts) for nonprofits. This chart of accounts will be automatically imported
when you set up a nonprofit organization. Budgets can be set up by Profit and
Loss or Balance Sheet criteria. Further customization is available by setting
up budgets by customer, job or class. Budgets can be created from scratch or
last year’s data can be used. Statements can be produced for donors self-defined
criteria such as due date, line detail and those donors with no current activity.
Invoices can be printed for all donors, one donor or a selected group of donors.
Once a donation is pledged, pledge letters can be immediately processed. The
“Send Letters To Your Donors” option allows for the creation of
various types of letters with customization for letter templates.

REPORTING — 4.5 Stars
The Report Center contains links to all standard reports, and over 120 pre-formatted
reports are included with QuickBooks: Premier Nonprofit Edition. Clicking on
the tabs to the left will display all reports in that particular group, including
Customers and Receivables; Sales; Jobs, Time and Mileage; Vendors and Payables;
Banking; and Budgets and Forecasts. The provided link instantly displays reports
on-screen. A variety of options are available at the top of the report, including
modifying the report, e-mailing the report and exporting to another program.
You can also adjust your report date, choose to include totals only or change
the sorting criteria. If any criterion is changed, clicking on “refresh”
will update the report. This is a terrific feature for those needing immediate
access to data.

Thirty days of free support is included after registering your new software.
Various support plans are also available, including the annual support plan,
which provides unlimited support for $299 annually. You can also use the vendor’s
per-incident service, where you pay per support incident. Links are provided
for all support and training options. QuickBooks also provides an endless supply
of user assistance including comprehensive Help files, online community access,
and various training options including seminars, interactive training on CD,
and one-on-one training at your business.

A single-user system starts at $399.95. A five-user system is $1,399.95. QuickBooks
has been providing financial solutions to small companies and organizations
for 15 years and continues to update its affordable products. QuickBooks: Premier
Nonprofit Edition is an excellent entry-level solution for small nonprofit organizations.

2006 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars