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40 Under 40 Honoree: Joe Woodard – 38

President, Creative Financial Software, Canton, GA

Education – BA, Mercer University; graduate studies
in accounting, Univ. New Orleans
Family – Wife Sandra
Hobbies & Interests – Music, teaching piano, writing
and biblical teaching.
Professional Affiliations – QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program,
The Sleeter Group Certified Consultant’s Network.

What peers, clients and friends say about Joe:
Joe is very outgoing and gets to know people quickly. For an accountant, he
is not very left brained; he is actually quite artistic in many of his endeavors.
His personal interests include music, literature, and an affinity for philosophical
and theological study.

What technology or business process does Joe see affecting the tax
and accounting profession in the next five years?

“The political buzz is about income tax reform, but it has been so for
decades, in varying degrees. If by some real stretch congress passes a national
sales tax, I see huge changes for the accounting industry. In the positive sense,
I see a consistent and continual increase in accounting technology. More small
businesses are looking to bring their bookkeeping in-house and maintain the
books real time. Many larger businesses are beginning to consider QuickBooks
Enterprise Solutions as a viable option for them, bringing good clients from
two different demographical areas.”

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