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Sage Software/Sage Compliance Services — Sage EDP Payroll Tax

the August 2006 Review of Service Bureau Style Payroll Systems

Sage Software’s Sage Compliance Services (formerly known as FLS tax compliance
services) offers Sage EDP Payroll Tax, a comprehensive and easy-to-use payroll
tax compliance solution. Sage Compliance Services is a recognized leader in
delivery of payroll tax compliance services. Among the clients of Sage Compliance
Services are government agencies around the world, more than 20 percent of the
Fortune 500, plus many medium-sized businesses and organizations.

Using Sage EDP Payroll Tax, users can insource or outsource their payroll
tax compliance processing. Sage EDP Payroll Tax is available in three versions,
operating as a fully outsourced service, an application services provider (ASP),
or on-premises software, and directly supports payroll tax deposits, filing
of payroll tax returns and cash management. As an online hosted application,
Sage EDP Payroll Tax supports multiple users and requires minimal hardware and
software, operating in a familiar web browser over a high-speed Internet connection.

Using Sage EDP Payroll Tax, users can process federal, state and local payroll
taxes, track due dates automatically, electronically file returns, electronically
pay taxes, generate laser-printed returns, manage cash, and analyze data with
comprehensive reporting options. Sage EDP Payroll Tax interfaces with Sage Payroll
Services, and with other payroll, ERP and accounting systems. Sage EDP Payroll
Tax can operate as a stand-alone system, and users can access the system from
any location. Sage EDP Payroll Tax is scalable, serving a single PC to an enterprise-wide

Sage EDP Payroll Tax features a user-friendly and intuitive user interface
with easy navigation. Any user that can operate an Internet browser has the
tools to operate the system. Sage EDP Payroll Tax is secure and can be customized
to meet individual user needs.