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Intuit — Complete Payroll

the August 2006 Review of Service Bureau Style Payroll Systems

Complete Payroll by Intuit is a flexible outsourced payroll application that
supports the client’s payroll entry method of choice. Payroll data may
be entered into Complete Payroll via direct input on the web, via the user’s
in-house computer (Internet access required), or via a telephone call to Intuit.
Complete Payroll is well suited to the small business that wishes to concentrate
its efforts on other things besides payroll and compliance. Complete Payroll
is also available to accountants who can resell the service. This is a particularly
good fit where the accountant would like to be involved with their clients’
payroll activities but with less direct involvement — where the accountant
can be less involved, yet can still direct the payroll function and retain control
over client accounting activities.

Complete Payroll is a comprehensive, full-featured payroll product with HR
management tools. It is fully integrated with QuickBooks and, when loaded on
an in-house computer, starts up from within the QuickBooks application, sharing
information seamlessly and downloading all information from the Intuit data
center. The result is powerful integration. PC users who do not run QuickBooks
use Internet Explorer to connect and download payroll data and reports, albeit
without the benefit of integration.

Complete Payroll’s learning curve is fast. Account specialists do all
the initial client setup and assist in data entry from the very first payroll,
where they walk the user through data entry. The user has little else to do,
learn or remember, aside from the Intuit account specialist’s name, telephone
number and e-mail address. Users who take greater control over payroll activities
in the Complete Payroll process (such as printing their own checks and reports,
etc.) are greeted by an easy-to-run program. It offers WYSIWYG screens that
are easy to navigate, and they follow consistent Windows conventions. Regardless
of the outsourcing level chosen, users will find that the included step-by-step
guidance will significantly lessen the learning curve.

Complete Payroll provides a wide variety of pay types, tracks accrued hours
and supports multi-state and locality payrolls. It also includes comprehensive
coverage of payroll codes for earnings and deductions, allows third-party checks,
does not require a pre-note for direct deposits and supports the use of debit
cards for unbanked employees. New employees can be set up to receive payroll
in two to three days. Complete Payroll is housed on Intuit’s secure servers.
Program and tax table updates are the sole responsibility of Intuit, so constant
updating is not required at the user level. Processing is quick. Payroll computations
are provided in real-time and are available to users the next time they login.

Over 40 reports are included in Complete Payroll, including user customizable
reports. Reports can be produced and saved in *.PDF format, enabling users to
view data at any later date since user information is maintained for up to five
years. Checks and reports produced by the fully outsourced model are available
via overnight and second day delivery. Users can also print checks and reports
locally from their PC. Complete Payroll includes an End of Month Accountant’s
Report Package, which is produced by Intuit and is delivered to the accountant
to assist in client write-up and account reconciliation activities.

Complete Payroll features seamless and complete integration with QuickBooks.
Potential users will find the integration difficult to ignore. Users who opt
for in-house PC Entry can take advantage of a MAS90 Export as well as integration
with various time clock applications.

Program Help is available on-screen via Web Entry, within the in-house PC Entry,
and through an online support site. New user training is included at no charge
and an online demo is available. Traditional telephone-based technical support
is also available at no additional cost to the payroll service, too. Complete
Payroll users can find solace in Intuit’s special No-Penalties Guarantee.
If payroll data is provided on a timely basis and sufficient bank account funds
exist to satisfy amounts of required payroll tax deposits, Intuit guarantees
that it will make tax deposits and file tax forms on time or Intuit will pay
the penalty. What? Me worry?

Complete Payroll will find a strong audience in small business users who are
looking for an outsourced payroll solution. At the same time, Complete Payroll
will still appeal to those accountants who do not wish to assume direct payroll
responsibilities and/or who desire to take advantage of Complete Payroll’s
strong integration with QuickBooks. Complete Payroll is available for a subscription
price starting at $100 per month.

2006 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars