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PropertyBoss Solutions — PropertyBoss

From the January 2006 Review of Property
Management Software

PropertyBoss provides management capabilities for property management companies
with multi-family, single-family, condominium, mobile community, short-term
rentals and commercial holdings. The system includes all resident relationship
functions, from prospect tracking to tenant screening, leasing, rent and late-fee
posting, AR, and work order management. The vendor also offers several add-on
modules for credit reporting, electronic payment, web connectivity, utility
billing and collections. The core PropertyBoss system costs $799 for up to 100
units. For companies managing fewer than 50 properties, PropertyBoss provides
a lower-cost option with much of the same functionality as PropertyBoss.

Paul Kessler is one of two regional property managers working for Perrel Management
Company, Inc. (, a small
Virginia-based multi-family housing management company that manages 2,175 apartments
at 10 different locations throughout the Tidewater area. In addition, Kessler
oversees a 701 unit self-storage facility. Kessler says: “Extensive tenant
documentation and detailed reports were the deciding factors in selecting this

In addition, we were able to perform the installation and database conversion
ourselves.” Kessler appreciates the fact that the software can be tailored
to fit each community’s needs. “Reports are superb,” he notes,
“and tracking and accounting for subsidy rent payments is excellent.”

Kessler recommends that new or potential clients train a small team of key
managers/property managers onsite, noting that PropertyBoss Solutions has an
excellent three-day training program. “This group should include at least
one computer savvy (geek) person capable of learning the software installation
process and the database conversion process. If you do not have a computer tech
on your staff, Property Boss will set up and do the database conversion for
you,” Kessler said. “Also, conduct a locally based training session
with all personnel who will be using the software. Once your staff is trained,
the team that received detailed training at Property Boss should be able to
support your staff with detailed training and resolving any issues. Finally,
if you purchase the software for multi-family housing management, include the
Log File Tracking and Prospects Modules, and purchase the support package. You
will need the support package in order to keep the software up-to-date.”

PropertyBoss opens to a unique but very intuitive work screen that eschews most
of the traditional icon-based navigation methods. Instead, the system’s
primary interface opens to the customizable PropertyBoss Today screen, which
shows actions to which the user needs to attend and the status of properties,
such as late payments, application of late fees, upcoming lease expirations
and move-ins/move-outs, along with graphical elements that include an occupancy
pie chart and prospect performance indicator. The elements and metrics displayed
on this screen can be selected by the user. Along the left side of the screen
is a text-based link menu for accessing the primary functions of the system.

Setting up new properties or tenants is straightforward and guided by the
system and allows attaching of photos and documents, as well as input of notes
such as directions to the property. The Tenants Navigator screen provides a
sortable, searchable and filterable list of all clients, along with contact
info and a few other items, such as whether they are current on their payments.
The addition of a credit report-style payment history might prove beneficial
here, allowing users to quickly see the long-term status of tenants. Client
data screens provide a tabbed screen with access to basic info, details, miscellany,
contacts and history (which includes a late-fee history), with pull-down selection
lists aiding in setup or changing of information. Client screens allow entry
of multiple contact numbers, e-mail addresses, employer, driver’s license
and license plate numbers, and emergency contact, as well as the recording of
birthdates, which some property management groups use to send greeting cards.
The program’s Rent Roll Navigator screen provides an at-a-glance display
of the status of all tenant leases.

PropertyBoss includes general accounting functions for GL, AP and billing, but
can also work in conjunction with several accounting suites. The system includes
a prospect tracking function, which lets management capture prospective tenant
information and manage all communication.
If the prospect becomes a tenant, all of the information can be instantly transferred
into a tenant Lease Notebook. A variety of add-on modules is also available,
including PropertySecure, which provides real-time credit and criminal reports;
PropertyMeter for utility billing functions; and PropertyPay for electronic
payment options such as e-check, phone, credit card and automated withdrawals.
Web and e-mail options are available through PropertyWebHQ and PropertyEmail.

PropertyBoss’ modules are completely integrated, and the system’s
accounting functions can integrate with QuickBooks in real-time, as well as
with Peachtree, Great Plains and Solomon through a guided data import/export
function. Letters generated in the system can be exported to Word for further
editing, formatting or e-mailing, and spreadsheets can be converted to Excel.

PropertyBoss’ reporting functions include more than 100 customizable standard
reports, including analysis reports for loss to lease, pre-lease, vacancies,
gross potential income and income statements, as well as collections and property-focused
options. The system’s Merlin Report Wizard can be used to edit or create
custom reports. Reports can be e-mailed, saved or viewed on-screen without printing.

SUPPORT – 4.5 Stars
The system offers a good Help utility that includes content-specific assistance,
as well as a free online support center. Live technical support is offered on
a per-incident basis with a minimum $45 charge. The company also offers a variety
of training options.

PropertyBoss offers an intuitive interface and a strong set of features, which
is further enhanced by the optional modules. While the system includes core
accounting functions, it is intended to work in concert with a third-party accounting
system, and therefore does not offer some accounting elements such as check
writing, banking and account reconciliation.

2006 Overall Rating – 5 Stars