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ATX/Kleinrock — Total Kleinrock Office

From the January 2006 Review of
Tax Research Applications

The Total Kleinrock Office (TKO) bundle of tax research products is designed
to integrate with ATX’s tax products and is included in selected tax bundles
from ATX. TKO, which is available on both CD and online to all subscribers,
combines all of the tax research offerings of the vendor, including the Total
Tax Guide, analysis of federal and state tax codes, employment tax resources,
prior-year archives, unlimited W-2/1099 filing, tax bulletins and 40 hours of
CPE credit. The system costs $600, plus either $42 or $145 for shipping, depending
upon selection of monthly or quarterly update CDs, respectively. A web-only
version is not available. Four-user licenses can be purchased for an additional

Malvern D. Lusky, CPA, of Sugar Land, Texas-based The LuskyGroup (
says price and convenience are the driving factors that led him to select TKO.
He appreciates the ability to do tax research on his own computer at his own
time. “Often, I will take the disk with me when going to a client’s
office, especially out-of-town locations, in order to perform research on location,”
Lusky commented.

As a web-based product, TKO opens within the user’s web browser, providing
a well-designed screen that displays available online research libraries, as
well as Quick Links to recent tax bulletins, template year-end client letters,
and special interest topics such as Katrina relief information. The center of
the system displays the Federal Daily Tax Bulletin. The interface also includes
tabs for accessing the TaxExpert Research function, Bulletins, Compliance materials
and other functions.

Although the system does not provide a “quick search” function
on the opening screen, it enables users to access research functions in a variety
of ways. The most intuitive method for most users performing routine tasks will
likely be by accessing the appropriate portfolio from the menu of available
research products. These can include the TaxExpert products for Federal, State,
Employment and Archive, as well as entity-specific titles, such as the 1120
and 1120S Libraries, Handbooks and Reference materials. Search options vary
depending upon the research product, but all provide a simplified search utility
with the ability to simply browse through research documents. Options are also
available for advanced queries, such as searching across multiple libraries
or using wildcards.

After performing the search, TKO provides a linked list of relevant documents.
Within returned documents, the system offers links to cited materials (such
as codes and regs). The searched for word, phrase or number appears highlighted
within the document. When browsing a library or resources, such as the IRC or
Treasury Regulations, TKO provides a table of contents for that resource. Navigation
is intuitive, with ample buttons and links as well as forward and back navigation
buttons, while also allowing use of web browser forward and back buttons.

CONTENT – 4.5 Stars
The primary component of Total Kleinrock Office is the Federal TaxExpert, which
provides 25 volumes of analysis covering codes, regs, and more than 100,000
cases and rulings. The analysis is linked to the 20 libraries of primary source
materials, which are also included with the system. Other core components include
the Total Tax Guide, All States TaxExpert, Employment TaxExpert, ZillionForms
(which has more than 11,000 forms and 20,000 calculating worksheets), unlimited
e-filing of W-2s and 1099s, a collection of handbooks, federal tax bulletins,
and 40 hours of CPE credit from 26 courses. Kleinrock has also added the Archive
Library, Quick Answers Library and Complete Tax Library, the last providing
reference information on filing forms 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990 and
payroll taxes.
Supplementary offerings include current and proposed treasury regs; court actions
and rulings; the IRS Penalties Handbooks; treaties; and IRS publications, rulings
and procedures.

The online version of TKO offers minor customization functions through the web
browser and a few nice amenities like the client letter templates. But while
the CD-based version of the program maintains a history of search activity that
lets users easily re-perform searches, the web-based version unfortunately does
not. Additionally, users who desire a “viewed document” trail should
look toward the CD-based application. Furthermore, the program does not enable
automatic recurring searches.

TKO integrates with ATX’s tax products by enabling one-click access from
the tax form line to the Kleinrock Total Tax Guide and TaxExpert. ATX offers
the research system in bundles with its tax software. TKO also allows saving
of documents and copying and pasting of documents.

TKO offers a comprehensive Help utility, even for the online version of the
program. This Help system even provides tips on more effective search techniques
and program operation. The online program is updated by tax professionals at
Kleinrock as code changes and rulings happen, but since the program is not available
as an online-only system, users are required to subscribe to either the monthly
or quarterly updates.

TKO is a comprehensive system that integrates well with ATX’s tax preparation
software, providing excellent analysis and primary materials, as well as a good
selection of extras, such as free W-2/1099 filing, the ZillionForms collection
and others. The cost of the system has increased from last year, but Kleinrock
has added more libraries and other enhancements that continue to make the product
a valuable resource for a moderate price, although greater customization capabilities
and search scheduling would be welcome additions.

2006 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars