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Real Asset Management International (RAMI) — Asset4000

From the December 2005 Review Fixed
Asset Management Software

Asset4000 is a customizable high-end asset management application that is capable
of managing any number of books for unlimited assets, entities and entity divisions.
The system can manage all aspects of an asset’s life, and supports multiple
languages, currencies and accounting standards for the United States, the UK
and EU. It is part of a larger portfolio of products from the vendor that includes
inventory control, advanced asset budgeting, lessee asset management, capital
project control, maintenance management and document management. The system’s
licensing policy is available for stand-alone single users and can be incremented
up to one hundred user plus networked licenses. To obtain license and service
costs, it is necessary to contact Real Asset Management to discuss the current
situation and requirements. Single-user licenses start from $3,275.

The primary interface for Asset4000 provides a very modern, well-designed workspace
with intuitive icons across the top along with traditional pull-down menus for
accessing primary program utilities and functions. By default, this screen divides
the main work area into two panels with one containing the Asset Browser and
the other offering navigation functions. The Asset Browser provides two tabbed
views: a list of all assets for the client currently being accessed and the
Ranges tab, which offers exceptional filtering, search and sorting options.
Queries and searches can be saved for future use and reference, and many of
the system’s interface components can be customized per user.

Also among the customization features, all of the detail and description fields
on the program’s asset information data screens can be changed or fields
added to reflect the needs of the user or the client company. These screens
provide smart selection lists and generally streamline the data-entry process,
while offering asset financial information across the bottom of the window,
including the ability to quickly set currency to dollar, pound or Euro. Multiple
books can be easily viewed in a side-by-side format on one screen.

Entry of new assets is guided, as is the creation of client companies and
other general setup tasks, including selection of depreciation methods, which
default to traditional treatments based upon type of asset and location. The
system also offers visual hierarchies of asset relationships to assist users.

As noted above, Asset4000 allows an unlimited number of assets and companies,
including the ability to track assets by location, division, cost center, groups
or other categories. The system includes pre-configured books for standard depreciation
strategies, depletion and amortization methods, with the ability to create and
manage an unlimited number of user-defined books. Accounting periods can be
defined by the user.

Virtually any event an asset may encounter can be accommodated by the program,
including splits, revaluations, transfers, re-lifes, disposals, parent-child
relationships, and like-kind exchanges. Images can be stored with asset records.
Asset events can be applied individually or across multiple assets, with an
audit trail maintaining details of every action applied to an asset throughout
its life. For companies with non-U.S. assets held in other currencies, the program
can be set to accommodate exchange rate fluctuations.

Depreciation forecasts can be calculated through the program, with reporting
and on-screen access to period asset costs and other data. Drill-down capability
enables users to get to specific transaction histories. Support for barcoding
technology is available through integration with the vendor’s tracking
module. The application is available in English, Italian, Spanish, French and
German. A web-based version of the application called Asset4000i is also available.

Asset4000 can be configured to share data with many GL systems, and can export
to various file types including *.CSV and *.XLS. Asset data can be acquired
from many systems through a *.CSV spreadsheet import utility. The system does
not directly link to any tax preparation systems.

Asset4000’s reporting and analysis functions are impressive, with dozens
of available pre-built reports and the ability to customize and save report
templates using the system’s report writer. Standard reporting includes
asset depreciation details and summaries, book value, comparison, gain/loss
reports, divisional activity and a variety of projection reports, in addition
to worksheet versions of many governmental forms.

The program’s Help utility provides right-click menus and content-specific
assistance, along with user guides and the Help index. Online self-support is
minimal, although the company includes technical assistance with its software
through a multi-lingual helpdesk, and offers live and virtual training options
and data conversion services.

Asset4000 is a strong system geared toward in-house use by larger entities.
With its support for multiple currencies, languages and accounting standards,
it can be especially valuable to those with multinational asset bases. The program’s
customizable interface enhances user interaction with the system, while its
audit trail provides comprehensive tracking of asset activity, and its reporting
functions allow management, planning and analysis of asset depreciation strategies.

2005 Overall Rating – 4.5 Stars