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High-End Accounting Software 2005 — Executive Summary

From the December 2005 Review of High-End
Accounting Software

This review series presents an array of some of the most popular high-end accounting
packages on the market today. Microsoft Business Solutions continues to play
an increasingly prominent role in this market, which certainly puts a lot of
pressure on competitors to keep their products up to date with the latest technology,
user interface and productivity enhancements. Another major vendor in this arena
is Sage Software, which owns the MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS 500 series of products.
Its recent acquisition of the ACCPAC Advantage and Pro Series lines puts it
in a very substantial market position, as well.

However, all of this product consolidation still leaves a highly competitive
environment, with a good number of other vendors providing first-class products.
To give all reviews a consistent treatment, and hopefully a consistent result,
we’ve selected seven review criteria, which were used to evaluate all
products. In selecting a product, consider your business’ unique needs
and operating circumstances carefully. Begin your search by defining the kind
of information and functionality you want to gain from the software, and work
backwards to find a short list of products that meets your needs and budget.
Then, give those products a thorough investigation before investing in a software
relationship that will likely last many years.