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InfoTouch Corporation — Store Manager

From the November 2005 Review of Point-of-Sale

InfoTouch Corporation has been providing the retail industry with specialty
software since 1986. InfoTouch Corporation released its latest version of InfoTouch
Store Manager in July of 2005. Version 9.20 contains enhancements to all InfoTouch
modules. Designed for use with touch screens, the program is ideal for high-volume

Cathy Wheeler is the systems administrator for Village Farm Dairy, DBA In
& Out Marts, which currently runs 10 convenience stores and two smoke shops
using Store Manager. They use the software as a complete POS system as well
as to order inventory, track sales per inventory item, manage payroll and track
line item sales by employee. “We also use the time clock feature and are
able to closely monitor sales using the detailed reports within the program,”
she says.

Wheeler says she selected this program because InfoTouch offered all they
were looking for in one package and because “it came highly recommended
by a business associate.” She advises new and potential users to make
sure to have help during setup because a proper setup will decrease many of
the switch-over problems that can be experienced when moving to a new POS system.
Wheeler has had good experience with the vendor’s technical support staff.
“You are treated with respect and concern on every call,” she says.
“And in most cases, they go above and beyond the call of duty and have
never left an issue unresolved.”

EASE OF USE — 5 Stars
The main menu of InfoTouch contains a series of buttons that provides access
to the heart of the program — the Register module. The main register screen
has three separate sections. The top section is the register display, where
all transactions are displayed. Register transactions can be entered by using
a barcode scanner, touching the customized department buttons or by entering
UPC codes. Touching one of the department buttons will bring up a list of products
available for sale under that department. The inventory lookup feature can also
be used if necessary. Users can easily add or change line items already entered
by simply touching the line they want to change. Once all items have been entered,
one of the payment buttons is selected: Check Sale, Credit Card or Cash Sale.
Again, touching one of these buttons will bring up a detailed list of available
tenders. For instance, when you touch Cash Sale, a list of common tenders will
appear. Touch the appropriate one ($5, $10, $20, etc.). The colorful display
is easy on the eyes, and the entry screen is set up in a logical fashion so
users don’t have to hunt for buttons.

The main menu features one-touch access to all InfoTouch modules, including
the Register, Inventory, Customers, Employees and Reports. If you desire centralized
inventory and reporting capability, along with multi-store capability, you’ll
want to check out the Enterprise Manager, which can be purchased separately.
The Enterprise Manager includes an Inventory module that will track inventory
in numerous locations, a Replenishments module that takes care of ordering and
managing inventory levels, a Reports module, a Customer module that centralizes
all customers into one database, and a Communications and Technical Information
module that provides communication between location by the using one of three
methods: dialup, FTP and LAN. Other modules available include Transaction Manager,
Setup, Time Clock and Backup.

InfoTouch Store Manager makes it easy to set up store information. The setup
feature is easily navigated, with colorful tabs listing all setup activity.
Users can now change cash hot buttons on-the-fly, sell gift cards without ringing
up any line items, and set security options for closeout menu. Special orders,
layaways, gift returns, and returns and exchanges are all easily processed using
the same user interface. Sixteen different tax categories are available for
use, and InfoTouch easily converts foreign currency.

The flexibility of InfoTouch makes it easy to process suspended transactions
or post voids. Quotes can also be processed for customers or appointments can
be linked to specific customers. The Transform Inventory option allows you to
make changes to specific categories of items, such as cost, price levels, minimum
and maximum quantity, tax category, and create and modify inventory matrix.
Nine additional price levels are available in addition to the retail pricing
assigned to each item. The Customer module provides in-depth tracking of customers,
including buying habits, when and what was last purchased, loyalty and frequent
shopping information. As well, labels can be printed, allowing users to send
targeted mailings to their best customers. The Employee module provides excellent
time and attendance capability and can calculate hourly, salaried, group and
individual commissions, contests or spiffs. InfoTouch also provides a GL interface
with QuickBooks for a front-office/back-office solution.

The Touch Data Link provides communication access to the central computer system,
prepares log files and sends daily transaction logs. The Touch In-Touch Out
feature allows users to import or export a variety of database files in varying
formats. InfoTouch is optimized for touch-screen use, and the InfoTouch web
site provides links to manufacturer web sites with additional information. Barcode
scanners also integrate with InfoTouch.

InfoTouch has excellent customer and inventory tracking capability. Numerous
reports are available in each of the modules. The Transaction module alone has
over 30 reports, including Register Daily, Sales by Tender, Verified Credit
Cards, Inventory Movement, Daily AR Activity, and Layaways. Inventory reports
include Late Fees, Merchandise Planning, Movement, Location, Order Status and
Quantities Sold. Customer reports include Sales History, Statements and Rank
by Sales, Bad Checks and Mailing Labels.

InfoTouch offers a terrific user interface, excellent customization capability,
and easy navigation, which makes it a terrific product for high-volume retailers.
Pricing starts at $1,195.

2005 Overall Rating: 5 Stars