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Cougar Mountain Software — Denali Point of Sale

From the November 2005 Review of Point-of-Sale

Denali Point of Sale is Cougar Mountain Software’s newest product. It
is designed as a complete financial solution for businesses with a high volume
of transactions and multiple locations. Additional products in the Denali line
will be available later this year.

EASE OF USE — 4 Stars
The main Sales Register screen of Denali contains a drop-down menu with features
such as Transactions, Tools, Window and Help. The Transaction view screen contains
an option for transaction type, and the detail information area contains lookup
options in all relevant fields. The pullout tabs to the left of the entry screen
provide additional options such as discount total (if a discount is given),
the option to save the transaction without printing it, and the option to print
any sale. Notes can also be attached to any register transaction, and if you
have images attached to your inventory, you can access them by clicking on Pictures.
When the sale is complete, you simply click on the Tender button in the lower,
right-hand side of the register screen. This brings up a grid with a series
of payment options such as Cash, Check, Credit Card, Debit, Alt Tender, AR Charge,
and Foreign Currency. Choosing a method will bring up a more detailed screen
where you can enter additional information. You can also use a scanner to enter
sales transactions. Denali is used with your desktop versus a touch screen,
so those who are familiar
with Windows-based software should have no problem with program navigation.

Denali currently ships with the Point of Sale module, Denali Inventory and a
full version of Crystal Reports. Optional modules include Denali Multi-Location
Inventory, Denali Specialty Shop, BarTender, PC ChargePro Credit Card Authorizer,
and Payment Processing. Additional modules will be released through next spring,
with GL, AR and AP modules due for release later this year. Modules planned
for release next year include Bank Reconciliation, Fund Accounting, Payroll,
Purchase Orders and Job Costing. Denali is designed to handle any number of
users and can be used in peer-to-peer networks, as well as a client/server environment,
which ensures system growth along with your company.

Users can key in item information or use a barcode scanner. The Inventory module
provides custom tracking of all inventory items. As noted earlier, you can attach
images of your inventory items for quick reference. Denali also allows you to
set up stock aliases. Various pricing options are available, including Multi-Pack,
Promotional and Buy Down pricing as well as Coupon Acceptance. Inventory items
can be changed or added on the fly. The Sales module lets you enter orders through
sales rather than as a POS transaction. The program provides print status reports
and edit reports in order to review sales activity prior to posting transactions.
Invoices can be printed from the Sales module along with shipping labels. System
security can be set up by user or by group via the Controller feature.

Denali is designed to be a completely integrated POS and accounting system.
Currently, Denali POS integrates with the Inventory and Sales modules. It also
integrates with the credit card authorization module and payment processing
modules mentioned earlier. Once the balance of the accounting modules has been
released, Denali POS will integrate with those as well. The program can also
be used with hardware peripherals such as barcode scanners and weight scales.
Importing and exporting options are excellent, with the ability to import data
from another database or spreadsheet program. Denali will work with peer-to-peer
networks and can be deployed in Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks
(WAN). Customers can choose to use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Edition
(MSDE), which ships with the software, or if they need to support a higher number
of users, they can migrate to a full version of Microsoft SQL Server.

With the inclusion of Crystal Reports, Denali offers top-of-the-line reporting
options. The Sales History report can be run detailed, summarized, condensed
or detailed with notes attached. This report can be run for a single customer
or for all customers. There are also Profit Margin reports, Invoice Tracking
and Price Variance reports. Inventory reports include a Quick Stock List, On-Hand
reports, Back Order reports, and a Movement report. All reports have customization
capability and can be printed, viewed on-screen or saved to a file. If you use
multiple printers, you can assign specific tasks to each of them. Inventory
tracking is excellent with Denali, but there is currently no in-depth customer
tracking available.

Denali is still a very new program, and as all of the modules are not yet available,
it’s difficult to determine the true value of the program. Denali’s
close integration to inventory makes it ideal for retailers with large inventories.
Once the company has its link to AR, it will also be able track customer information
and extend its market. Pricing for Denali starts at $1,195 per module and $395
for each user.

2005 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars