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Open Systems, Inc. — TRAVERSE Not-For-Profit

From the October 2005 Review of Not-for-Profit
Accounting Software

Since 1976, Open Systems, Inc. has been providing financial software to small
and midsize businesses. Those years of experience are reflected in TRAVERSE
Not-For-Profit (NFP) Software. TRAVERSE NFP was created using Microsoft technology,
thus providing seamless integration with all Microsoft Office products such
as Word, Excel and Outlook.

The main user screen of TRAVERSE NFP features three sections. The main menu
lists all installed modules so when you choose a module, all module options
will be displayed in the second section. Choosing a module option will display
function details in the third section. If you prefer, you can choose an Explorer-type
interface instead. You can change the company by clicking on the arrow next
to where the current company name is displayed. Clicking on a new company will
update your screen immediately. TRAVERSE NFP is easily navigated, with lookup
lists in all data-entry screens. As well, data can be easily imported from a
variety of third-party software vendors, including payroll and fundraising products.

Along with the NFP module, the accounting system contains GL, AR, AP, Fixed
Assets, Payroll, Direct Deposit, Bank Reconciliation and System Manager modules.
Optional add-ons include the Multi-Currency module and the Digital Dashboard,
a data consolidation tool. Transactions can be imported using a variety of document
formats. You can also link Internet capabilities to your organization to provide
an “all-in-one” solution.

TRAVERSE NFP is available in two editions: the Business Edition, which supports
up to 12 users, or TRAVERSE Enterprise Edition, which supports multiple users
in a client/server environment. No fundraising or grant tracking capability
is included in TRAVERSE, though it can easily import data from third-party software
if a fundraising program is used. The product source code is included with TRAVERSE
NFP at no extra cost, making this an excellent investment for those wishing
to customize the program from end to end.

TRAVERSE NFP account numbers can be up to 30 alphanumeric characters in length,
with up to seven segments per account number. You can further define your accounts
by utilizing the “account classes” and “account types”
options. Any fund, activity or grant can be listed as active or inactive to
ensure financial statement accuracy. The Allocations function, found in the
GL, Payroll and AP transactions screens, lets you allocate revenues, expenses
or payroll costs to the appropriate account. All fund activity is tracked, and
due to/from entries are automatically created and posted in the GL.

The Digital Dashboard, new in version 10.2, consolidates information from
various TRAVERSE applications that are chosen by the user into a single location
for quick and easy review. This is an excellent feature, as well as a timesaver.
And the new Multi-Currency module could prove to be extremely useful to those
foundations and organizations that routinely receive funds from around the world.

REPORTING — 4.5 Stars
A built-in report writer provides numerous standard and customized reports.
Standard reports offer varying levels of detail from which to choose. Reports
can be viewed, printed, saved to a file or exported to a variety of different
formats. TRAVERSE NFP also produces FASB-117 compliant reports to meet federal
financial requirements. Other reports available include the Statement of Financial
Position, Statement of Activities, Statement of Functional Expenses, and the
Revenue and Expense to Budget Comparison report. All reports also contain “cross
fiscal year” capability.

SUPPORT/HELP — 4.5 Stars
TRAVERSE offers a Continuous Enhancement Subscription (CES) Plan, which ensures
that you will receive all product enhancements and upgrades on a timely basis.
The CES Plus Plan offers all of the above, along with unlimited telephone support.
Internet, telephone and on-site training are also available at an additional

TRAVERSE NFP is an excellent value for those really wanting a fully customizable
program. Applications start at $500 per module for a single-user system and
rise by user count. This price also includes your first year of product maintenance.
With its remarkable scalability, its ability to import and export files easily,
and the included source code, TRAVERSE NFP is an excellent choice for those
in the market for a product that can be uniquely their own.

2005 Overall Rating — 4.5 Stars