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UBCC — Client Data Center

From the September 2005 Review of Sales
& Use Tax Software

UBCC offers a comprehensive write-up solution in a real-time, platform-independent,
character-based program known as Client Data Center. Client Data Center will
run under any of over 700 operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix
and Citrix, to name just a few. UBCC’s intent is that users should not
be limited or otherwise subjected to system constraints. We think UBCC qualifies
as being accessible. Longhorn, here we come!

UBCC’s Client Data Center features real-time and after-the-fact payroll
processing, general ledger, trial balance, and a financial reporting module.
User productivity and efficiency are provided in a customizable environment
— the hallmark of UBCC’s dedication to providing solutions that
meet individual user needs.

George R. Gray is a CPA at Randolph, Vt.-based Compucount, Inc., a CPA firm
that specializes in monthly write-up (nondisclosure compilations), payroll services
and tax preparation. The firm’s three professionals and seven support
staff service 120 monthly write-up clients, process 115 live payrolls, and prepare
600 personal and business tax returns per year. Gray noted that over the course
of the last four-plus years, UBCC has been rewriting its software to have a
GUI interface. He says, “The rewrite has provided an opportunity for many
enhancements and a user interface that is more Windows-friendly and easier for
a new user to navigate.”

UBCC offers fast client setup and data entry. Navigation is available through
function keys that are customizable on an operator-by-operator basis to suit
the needs of each individual user. Additionally, each user has the choice of
executing tasks via command-driven or pull-down menus. The heads-down advocate
will be satisfied because the program allows users to adopt the look and feel
that best suits the manner in which they prefer to navigate, enter data and
execute write-up computer routines. Command menus are very large as to choices
and not always arranged in a logical manner. There’s no doubt that when
the user learns where to mouse-click on the screen or how to otherwise invoke
commands by depressing (initial) letters of the command (word), navigation becomes

Formatting of financial statements is straightforward, featuring free-form report
design. Financial reporting is available on a 12-month side-by-side basis with
five years of comparative data (including budgets) available. Custom reports
are easily shared between locations, departments, profit centers and clients.

Integration is available through a suite of UBCC products, including Payroll
Service Bureau, Contractor Management, General Ledger, Commercial Accounts Payable,
Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Unified Payroll, Depreciation, Job
Management, Inventory Management, Order Billing and Universal Importer. UBCC
has a bridge program that exports data to Lacerte, UltraTax CS and other tax
programs. Data may be imported from Quicken, Peachtree, and many other client
accounting software products, as well.

As a multi-user system, UBCC can accommodate a wide spectrum of users, from
few to many. UBCC works on the belief that its platform-independent (COBOL)
programming lends itself to increased portability. However, most users only
have one platform they will use now and in the future, with advanced versions
of Microsoft Windows appearing on the vast majority of accountant desktops.
(The company noted that it believes Linux will be making big inroads and that
it offers many advantages over Windows, although they also believe that there
are many advantages for those who wish to stay with Microsoft, as well. They
also commented that their portability allows the program to run native today
on the new 64-bit Microsoft OS that was just released, with no data file conversion.)

UBCC provides online, context-sensitive help together with traditional telephone,
Internet-based and comprehensive on-site training available. System consulting
and software modification services are also available. Gray advises new users
to take advantage of any support packages offered by UBCC, and he notes that
“UBCC support has improved greatly over the last three years.” He
also finds value in the new UBCC users group, “in that we are able to
discuss problems or issues and figure things out among the group as opposed
to placing a support call.”

2005 Overall Rating — 3.5 Stars