New Cloud System Fully Automates Expense Management

Tallie, which makes online expense management systems, has released what it says is the first complete cloud-based expense management solution, providing the quickest path from receipt to balance sheet. Tallie was honored this week with a Tax and Accounting Innovation Award.

Tallie’s mobile-enabled solution simplifies and accelerates the painfully manual expense report process by automatically capturing, categorizing and processing expense transactions and integrating seamlessly with leading accounting systems.  The company’s native integrations with industry leaders such as Intuit’s QuickBooks, and SmartVault meet the growing need by companies, accounting firms and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for a system-wide cloud-based ecosystem.

“Tallie is a game-changer," said Darren Root, CEO and founder of Rootworks, which advises more than 900 accounting firms. "We chose them as a strategic technology partner because they are setting the standard for automating expense workflow, a core requirement for Next Generation Accounting Firms”

Tallie delivers immediate and ongoing financial benefits to customers.  The automation of the expense report process reduces costs by more than 50 percent, according to Aberdeen Group.  This calculation excludes in-the-field time savings and efficiencies, increased usage and compliance, reduced errors and fewer fraudulent transactions.  Time-to-value is near immediate with Tallie’s activity-based pricing model.  Additional benefits include real-time transaction visibility, increased process control and system-to-system transparency. 

“Tallie is not your prototypical technology-led company that sells innovation first and figures out its application later – instead, we started with the problem and didn’t stop innovating until we found a complete solution that works,” said Chris Farrell, CEO of Tallie.  “We have been laser-focused on expense velocity and have the 360-degree knowledge of what’s really required from the experts and practitioners who use the tools and understand the need and what’s possible.  We are very excited to see the industry leaders adopting Tallie as their solution of choice for their firms and clients.” 

The Complete Expense Management Solution

Tallie has earned widespread endorsement by industry leaders including Boomer Consulting, BMRG, , National Advisor Network, RootWorks, The Sleeter Group and others.  It is the first and only comprehensive solution providing the following combination of benefits:

  • The highest levels of user experience and functionality for every user at every stop of the workflow, beginning with the accounting industry and active users. Advanced data scanning, automation and user design techniques eliminate the need for unnecessary manual tasks and result an intuitive experience designed to reduce error and fraud while driving compliance, usage and expense submission velocity.
  • Accounting Integrity based on a thorough understanding of expense workflows.  Tallie was created with over seven years of development side-by-side with accounting practitioners and engineers, applying and assembling best-of-breed technologies to solve the most nuanced problems preventing expense management efficiency.
  • Bi-directional, real-time data synchronization with major platforms such as QuickBooks and The speed, efficiency and security of these direct integrations meet the growing need by companies, accounting firms and BPOs for a system-wide cloud-based ecosystem.

“We chose Tallie as a key App Center partner for its innovative approach to the expense report nightmare, deep partner integration, and dedication to the best customer experience,” said Rene Lacerte, CEO.