CompuPay Partners with NetSpend to Offer Payroll Service to Unbanked Employees

CompuPay, a BenefitMall Company, recently announced it has partnered with Skylight Financial, Inc., an affiliate of NetSpend Holdings, Inc. to offer the Skylight PayOptions Program to CompuPay customers. CompuPay provides integrated payroll and tax filing services.

Through the Skylight PayOptions Program, CompuPay customers have access to a completely paperless payroll for employees that don’t have traditional banking services and business owners no longer need to produce and distribute paper checks. A recent survey by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation found that approximately 68 million people are unbanked or underbanked in the U.S.

“The Skylight PayOptions Program provides a true benefit to the small and medium-sized business owners we serve,” said Kathey Palmer, Senior VP of Business Development of CompuPay, A BenefitMall Company. “The program allows employers to simplify payroll and ease compliance worries while providing an innovative solution to help ensure employees’ personal and financial security. We are happy to deliver this new offering to meet our customers demand for a pay option that is easy to administer and meets the unique needs of their employees.  Extending our comprehensive product portfolio to include the Skylight PayOptions Program is another example of how we are dedicated to meeting the changing needs of our clients as the business world evolves.”

With Skylight PayOptions, employees can get free balance inquiries, free ATM withdrawals, free signature purchases and free over-the-counter bank branch withdrawals at any Visa or MasterCard member bank, as well as free Skylight Checks.

“The Skylight PayOptions Program gives CompuPay another way to deliver the convenience and value its clients have come to expect,” said Patrick Brown, senior vice president, payroll channel at NetSpend. “Through our program, CompuPay will offer more payroll program choices to its clients across the nation while helping to expand payroll options for the unbanked community.”