Infinitely Virtual Selected as Intuit Host Provider

QuickBooks is now available on a cloud-hosted basis to clients of Infinitely Virtual, a provider of virtual server cloud computing services for businesses. This comes after receiving approval from Intuit as a Commercial Host, which allows the company to provide QuickBooks capability to clients via its virtual server platform.

“With QuickBooks the go-to financial software for millions of users, we are excited about the opportunity to host QuickBooks for clients who want the advantages of 24x7, secure, hosted data,” said Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual. 

To be selected, Infinitely Virtual was required to meet Intuit’s rigorous criteria for QuickBooks hosting.  The company was evaluated on its ability to provide superior application hosting platforms, including best-in-class security, customer support, uptime and reliability, and licensing compliance management. 

“It’s a point of pride to have been chosen as an Intuit Host Provider,” Stern said.  “It’s also a testament to our ability to deliver the most advanced reliable, secure hosting services available today.  But more than anything, this will be a tremendous advantage for our clients, enabling them to access QuickBooks as part of the virtual office services we provide.”

Infinitely Virtual is offering QuickBooks hosting in four options: InfiniteApp QuickBooks, InfiniteApp Dedicated QuickBooks, QuickBooks Terminal Server and QuickBooks Terminal Server-Premium. 

“With QuickBooks and our hosting platform, our customers have the dual advantages of industry-leading software backed by our security and application-consistent backup systems that provide ultimate data protection,” Stern said.

InfiniteApp is Infinitely Virtual’s proprietary application virtualization platform.  It enables clients to stream applications from the cloud, and is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad or Android.  It now also enables clients to stream QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Accountant directly to their desktop.  Through the cloud, clients can share QuickBooks data files with other users anywhere in the world.  InfiniteApp customers can choose a shared farm of terminal servers or a dedicated server, which gives them the advantage of installing any app they want, Stern noted.

For customers who don’t yet need the entire InfiniteApp experience but who may want to upgrade later, QuickBooks Terminal Server and QuickBooks Terminal Server-Premium are available.  The Premium level also gives clients redundant Active Directory, controllers, Fileserver and SharePoint capability.

Infinitely Virtual customers have the option of purchasing any number of QuickBooks packages and paying Infinitely Virtual to host the software.  Alternatively, customers can license QuickBooks Pro, Premium or Accountant Edition from Infinitely Virtual on a monthly basis.