2011 Review of Red Moon Solutions LLC – Fixed Assets Manager

Red Moon Solutions, LLC - Fixed Assets Manager



Best Fit:
In-house by organizations with extensive asset management needs, including multi-location and multi-departmental entities, or by accounting firms providing services to such clients.


  • Exceptional reporting
  • Integration with ERPs & with Vertex for corporate compliance
  • Broad customization options
  • Multi-entity consolidation functions
  • Extensive calculations
  • Installed & hosted options

Potential Limitations:

  • Moderate in-system Help features


From the December 2011 Review of Fixed Asset Management Programs

Used by several companies in the Fortune 500 and Global 1,000, Fixed Assets Manager from Red Moon Solutions offers a comprehensive asset depreciation and management system that offers strong reporting and planning capabilities, and can support any number of entities and assets. The system enables the customization of any number of books per asset and grouping of assets by department or other category. It includes built-in calculations for all common methods and treatments, including recent bonus depreciation and Sec. 179 expensing provisions. The program is available as a hosted solution or can be networked on a company’s own systems.

Basic System Functions - 4.75 Stars
During initial setup of Red Moon’s Fixed Assets Manager, wizards guide users through entry of company and asset information, including import functions and manual entry of assets, which is aided by the ability to duplicate companies and assets, and also by default templates. The program opens into an intuitive interface with traditional pull-down and icon menus across the top of a split-paneled screen that includes an expandable navigation menu on the left and asset lists and books for the currently open company.

The left-side menu displays the company’s departmentalization, enabling quick filtering and access to assets within a specific group, location or other defined part of the organization. Asset lists are shown on customizable spreadsheet screens that include extensive summary information. Navigation menus can be customized, with the system allowing users to move columns as desired, and asset data views can also be arranged to user preferences. An unlimited number of user-defined fields can also be created for tracking any data, including GL numbers and cost centers.

When an asset is selected, the interface opens into a view of all books with live data fields and automatic calculation features. Tabs ease movement between the book views, periods, accounting information, transactions, ITC, UOP, advanced data, attached images/files, and notes. Users can easily make changes to convention, method, life and other data, or perform asset disposal actions. Advanced search functions can look through all asset data to find queried terms.

Red Moon’s Fixed Assets Manager can be used to manage asset bases of any size for any number of organizations and their subsidiary units. With either the site licensing or hosted model of the program, multiple concurrent users can access the system simultaneously, with lockout protections preventing overwrite. Security features include client and asset-level settings.

Core Asset Management Features - 4.75 Stars
Fixed Assets Manager is comprehensive in its support for depreciation methods and conventions, including built-in calculations for MACRS 150% and 200%, ACRS, straight-line, modified straight-line, declining balance, sum-of-the-years’ digits, units of production, zero depreciation and amortization for intangible assets. Assets can have any number of user-defined books, with customizable preconfigured books provided for federal tax, AMT and ACE. The system can also recalculate prior depreciation, and supports mid-quarter, full month, mid-month, actual month and half-year conventions, as well as short years.

The system includes Sec. 179 expensing rules and 280-F auto limitations, variable business use and recent changes to bonus depreciation. It supports more than 100 asset types based on the IRS’ classes for depreciation, as well as the ability to create any number of custom asset types. Asset depreciation can be projected out to 60 years.

Fixed Assets Manager also offers extensive support for virtually all asset life events, with wizards that help users from acquisition to disposal. It also provides tools for performing mass and partial asset transactions, splits and unsplitting, like-kind exchanges, retirements, and transfers. Multi-part assets are also supported. The system’s consolidation capabilities enable merging of asset bases of companies or groups. Asset lists and location management fields can be used when performing manual asset audits, but the system does not include barcode or RFID integration.

Reporting - 4.75 Stars
Fixed Assets Manager provides excellent reporting options, with a built-in report writer that enables complete customization. The system includes more than 40 pre-built reports for depreciation, projections, acquisitions, disposals, adjust basis, net book value and reconciliations. An optional module is offered for more extensive ad-hoc reporting, analysis and planning. Reports can also be saved to Crystal Reports for more extensive customization, as well as to Excel, CSV and text formats. Forms 4562, 4684, 4797 and 6252 can be printed from within the program, but the system does not print FASB 109.

Import/Export & Integration - 5 Stars
Fixed Assets Manager’s import utility can pull data from most financial systems, as well as from Excel and CSV formats. A detailed diagnostics tool helps ensure accuracy of data, particularly with regard to asset additions, disposals and transfers. The system has also been designed to integrate directly with various ERP and financial applications, and has certified integration with the Vertex Domestic Compliance corporate tax program

Help/Support - 4.75 Stars
In addition to a traditional Help utility, Fixed Assets Manager includes some context-sensitive Help and right-click menus, along with wizards for many processes. Online support resources include the knowledgebase, FAQs, file sharing, program updates and tax and accounting links. The network-installed version of the program works with all modern Windows network environments, and the hosted version can be used on any platform and most browsers. Live and web-based support with a personal account representative is free with the program.

Summary & Pricing
The Fixed Assets Manager from Red Moon Solutions is a powerful depreciation and financial management program, with extensive calculations and asset disposal options, built-in tools for Sec. 179 and bonus depreciation, and the ability to manage asset bases of any size. The program is best suited to mid-sized and large enterprises, including very large organizations with multiple locations, departments and other units. It provides excellent integration with ERP systems. Pricing is based upon the size of the asset base. A mid-range solution that accommodates up to 30,000 assets costs $2,500 for a single-user license.

2011 Overall Rating 4.75