Office Tools Professional — Practice Management 2011


Office Tools Professional - Practice Management 2011

From the July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit:
Practice Management 2011 is best suited for firms with five to 10 users. Office Tools Professional also serves more than 100 offices with 15 to 60 users.

Core Product Functions/Features:

Practice Management 2011 from Office Tools Professional offers a unique solution that integrates an entire suite of practice management applications into a single offering, with document storage, time tracking, billing, contact management, scheduling, project management, to do tracking and note tracking. All of these applications are accessed from a single dashboard.

The interface was recently redesigned using the .NET platform and provides a more professional appearance and some improvements to navigation. The focus of this review is on the document storage features. However, all of the applications have to be taken into account when evaluating it as a solution for your office.


  • Integrated suite of office productivity tools (document storage, contact management, time & billing, project management, scheduling)
  • Reporting tools
  • Central dashboard for one-click access to all applications
  • file sharing portal application

Potential Limitations:

  • No direct integration with tax software
  • No hosting option available Currently hosted on InSync, Right Networks and Cloud 9 and many others!!!

Navigation is very easy and intuitive. Clicking on the “Documents” tab displays a window with a list of all the files associated with the client. All activity is centered on the client selected. The document files are tagged to clients, projects, year, category and staff.

A new PDF print driver facilitates publishing of documents and reports to the document storage application.


The strength of integration is based on the suite of applications bundled within the program, as listed above. Office Tools Professional syncs Contact info both directions with Lacerte and plans to add others this year. The system provides indirect integration with tax software packages by allowing you to configure your tax software to store the PDF file in a designated folder where Practice Management 2011 will monitor and prompt you to associate the file with a particular client.

The system also integrates with QuickBooks for billing and AR applications. Integration with MS Office includes the ability to launch an Office application and create a new file from within Practice Management 2011. Special integration with MS Outlook 2007 and 2010 lets users bring client emails into the document management system when a matching email address exists in Practice Management 2011. Scanned documents can be uploaded directly to Office Tools Professional.

Advanced Functionality:

Practice Management 2011 has a significantly enhanced portal application to accommodate secure client transfer and client communications. An extensive collection of reports is available by client, project and category.

The billing and time tracking applications facilitate the complete billing cycle using either flat fee or hourly billing models. The contact manager provides an extended set of data for each client. The project tab allows for tracking of project budgets, due dates and project notes, and documents can be directly associated and accessed from the project. The schedule tab provides an Outlook-like calendar view, and users can select any staff member to view their calendar.

Executive Summary & Pricing

Practice Management 2011 offers an efficient solution for managing multiple office productivity applications from a single integrated interface. The best value is derived by firms who standardize their practice management system with the vendor’s Practice Management 2011. The one-click access to each of the integrated applications is compelling. Pricing starts at $500 for a single user, $1,500 for a 5-user license. Additional users can be added for $300.

2011 Overall Rating